Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review: Their Stepsister, Owning Her Innocence and Innocent Getaway by Alexa Riley via Goodreads

Their StepsisterTheir Stepsister by Alexa Riley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 -No Shame- Stars

Another Alexa Riley book! Time and time again I'll keep making Alexa Riley Marathon. It's sure thing.

This is one quick, hot, taboo read.
The title of the book says it all. Logan and Luke "TWINS" (yeah, it was all it took for me to read it) and their stepsister Sarah.

Logan is sweet, tender and easygoing.
Luke is dominant, rough, intense...Guess who I'd take any moment? Yep, Luke.

Well...If you dont have any taboo and any shame; here is the hot, quick, sexy book.

No storyline...No drama...No character developments...No twists..
It's all about the sex ladies! So dont expect more of it. It promises you hot moments, steamy scenes, dirty talks and taboo DP.

I'm all in ;)

 Owning Her Innocence (Innocence, #1)Owning Her Innocence by Alexa Riley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 -Will you make me sparkle, Daddy- Stars

Another hot, quick, taboo read from Alexa Riley. Owning Her Innocence is the first book of Innocence Series.

In this book what I like the most is there was no obsession about getting the girl pregnant. Thank goodness!

Haley is 18 years old girl who has crush on her father's friend. Though "daddy" fantasy isnt high on my fantasy list this book was hot without doubt.

There is no need to think deeper in a book like that. I mean if you want to read some smut, what something just about sex and if you like "daddy" fantasy or atleast if you dont have any taboo about it...Well, you can grab this book.

Enjoy, ladies ;)

Innocent Getaway (Innocence, #2)Innocent Getaway by Alexa Riley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3- Stars

Another book from Alexa Riley and her smutty book...

In these book we should agree that we will only get sex. Alexa Riley gives us pretty hot scenes. She knows how to write smut. And this is the reason why I'm making "Alexa Riley Marathons" time to time.

First book was hot and I enjoyed it. But this one...I dont know what I'm feeling about that. I think it was about Haley. She was like a baby!
I know this is DD/lg thing but I wanted her to be a little more grown up. Her whining was a turn-off for me. I mean yeah she is not that old but she is 18...I dont know.

Other than Haley's attitude...I liked reading this book.
Because of the smutness I wanted more>>>> #noshame #noregret

PS: Being good is overrated
Be naughty
Read smutty, xx

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