Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: Karter by Scott Hildreth via Goodreads

KarterKarter by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4-4,5 "Pick me up and let my legs dangle"

Karter is twenty-one years old, tattooed biker girl. She is an artist. She doesn't care what others think about her. She lives her life the way she sees fit. She is carefree, colorful persona but what I loved most about her is she says whatever she thinks.

Jak is a retired Navy Seal. After two decades of living as a Navy Seal, he isn't sure how to turn his civillian life. He doesnt want to end up as a statistic and life gives him Karter.


The moment Karter and Jak meet, there is spark between these two. Jak is older than Karter but it doesnt matter to them.
They are so different from each other. Jak is more hesitant about life while Karter lives her life fully. She is the color Jak needs in his life after living simple for two decades.
Jak makes Karter feel safe. He brings together her broken pieces and makes her feel whole again while Karter is doing the same to him.
If "love at first sight" really exists... well, Karter and Jak has it.


"Jak Anderson Kennedy was not the man of my dreams. Jak was the last remaining piece of me."
"To dream of being without Karter was not to think of being alone, but to think of not even being."

Beside Karter and Jak I loved the other characters in the book. Oscar and Bill were like handbook for people. It feels like these two people were in the book to give advices...They were wise and made me think about so many things.

Karter has a good storyline. When you start to read it, it just flows and you finish the book without having a break. In this case I can say Karter is one of the easy reads; but...
In this book there was some moments...I dont know how to explain it but the book made you feel something you cannot easily describe.

I can say this book is sweet, hot and romantic; but there was some moments that has more than that. There were secrets what have to stay as secret. There was past; there was destiny...


Karter was the first book I've read by Scott Hildreth.
I didnt even read the blurb of the book. I love starting a book totally blind; so I didnt know what to expect. This was a good start for me to read other books by Scott.

It wasn't five stars for me because I felt like something was missing in the book. Maybe it's because I don't believe the love at first sight thing, maybe their relationship is too good to be true for me. But I truly enjoyed it.
If you want to read a book that has HEA with good characters and hot scenes; but also will give you good advices about life and will show you how our lives are attached to others, you can pick KARTER.

Life is about quality, not quantity.

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