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Snow's Review: Forbitten by J. P. Uvalle

ForbittenForbitten by J.P. Uvalle

4 "fast from the first bite" stars

Forbitten is a fast paced, entertaining fantasy, that introduces us with a world where humans and vampires live in unity and are excahnging govern in New York City.

Lord Vladimir is a vampire legend, awaken to serve as a protector to the city and his mission sidetracks when he sees Trinity, a young woman who hates the vamps, cause of the loss she suffered in the great war between humans and vamps before the present agreement was achieved.

But the pull is stronger and hard to resist, even if Lord Vladimir is restraining himself from the agonising pulsating desire towards her.

There's something about Trinity that is hightened in impulse and the blood drive is undeniable, but when the demons called Dyciphers come rushing through the city causing havoc and rage, Trinity ends up on the short end when she's taken and sentenced to her death, thinking she was just a misfortunate collateral victim.

The only ruling that applied as the core of the human/vamps agreement was not to bite unless they are a willing donor. And yet, Trinity was in Lord Vladimir's hands, on the verge of dying and he could not have let that happen. And he heals her.

Rule no.1 broken.

He stays away, overseeing her from a distance BUT not for long as the demons don't give up and the chase on Trinity's life happens again and this time it all comes together as the prophecy – of her blood being the crucial segment to opent he portal of Hell - comes to surfice.
„You were chosen by the be one of them.“
„How do i get rid of this mark?“
„You. Must. Die.“

Lord Vladimir choses to break rule no.2 - turning her into a Vampire, even if he doesn't know what the aftermath would do to Trinity's body after he does the FORBITTEN.

He'll do the unthinkable cause there is no other way for him to exist, and he won't stop at nothing until he keeps her safe in no whatever the form she comes back, no matter the consequences...
To make her my everything...Mark her as mine.

BUT the deed must not be revealed ever. Trinity, as she is now turned into a vamp-demon mix, must be kept a secret and the prophecy must not EVER to be awaken...

yeah, well, that's not the way things work in this story... *wink*

The Lady Trinity, the second installment, will hopefully give us the needed answers...

***ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***

wooohooo, VAMPs...guys, here I come...

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