Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma via Goodreads

ForbiddenForbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ -How can something so wrong feel so right?- Stars

I'm not a masochist, let's make this clear before we start the review.

I'm just finished reading it and I have no idea how I'm not crying, screaming...I feel like my heart is ripped out from my chest but at the same time I feel numb.

How a person can feel such a pain yet feel so empty?


There is no way to explain this book to someone who has close-mind. There is no way to stop the disgusting look on their faces or the judgemental eyes. There is nothing I can do to make them shut off their prejudices.
So I'm suggesting as kindly as possible if you dont have any intention to read this book, stay away from this book or my review.

In short...This book has incest relationship between a brother and a sister and it is so good.

Lochan, Maya, Kit, Tiffin and Willa are five siblings. Their father left them, their mother isn't at home to take care of them, looking after them. They were trying to stay together no matter the situation.

The relationship between Lochan and Maya is so wrong yet so right at the same time. It may be illegal, wrong, twisted, fucked up but it was also understandable...Even acceptable. Their relationship was the only light in the darkness.


Now, after I've read the book I'm in pain and so angry.
I'm angry at their mother for everything.
I'm angry at Kit for his silliness, for being a child. But I'm not able to blame him as well; he is only thirteen after all.
I'm angry at Maya, for a few minutes, to not being strong enough. And I'm angry at her to not do what Lochan said. Maybe then...maybe...
And I'm angry at Lochan for being that thoughtful, noble.


I don't know if I'll be the only one who thinks that but I believe a person should be allowed to choose who to love. Love must be something pure and no one should be blamed to feel a pure emotion. If two people feel the same way, how on earth someone find a right to judge them?

"One might struggle to understand why anyone would embark on relationships that lack any real, meaningful emotions, yet nobody judges them for it. They are 'young', 'just having a good time' and sure, if that's what they want, why shouldn't they?
But then, why is it so terrible for me to be with the girl I love?"

Overall, I'm really glad I've read this book even though it caused me lots of pain. I keep breathing deeply to erase the painful numbness in me.

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