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Review: The Sect by Courtney Lane via Goodreads

The SectThe Sect by Courtney Lane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3,5 Stars

The Sect is the first book I have read by Courtney Lane. This book is hard to review for me. Because I have some things I like and some things I totally disliked...Now, I'll just try to describe my thoughts and feelings about it.


Keaton Mara aka princess aka Mute looks like she has everything. Her parents love her, she has great life...Atleast it was how it looks from afar.

But, she isn't happy. She has a lot of burden. She is in danger...

In this situation Keaton decides one thing: She ran away...

Where? Anywhere and everywhere...She left everything behind and became a homeless. Started to live in the streets. But it wasnt the real change in her life.


The change in her life came in a moment. With one pair of hazel-blue eyes...

Keaton was choosen...To be given her freedom. But what is the freedom?

Now...What I am thinking about this book??

In the beginning the author Courtney Lane wrote that she didnt let her mother to read this book because it was dark. And that cause me to have some expectations...


My dislikes?

# The book was censored. I mean, when I'm reading a dark book I want to feel the emotions of the character during those scenes. Cause that makes me closer to the character. Let me understand their feelings and developments. I dont mean that I love to read disturbing scenes. But there is a reality that while reading those scene you feel the transformation inside their minds and bodies.

# I couldn't feel the connection between characters, atleast not as much as I wanted. Thats why I felt like Keaton was always being punished, debased and she was being delusional about Noah's feelings. I thought she was being pathetic. Because I needed to feel the development of the feelings and fights about it. When I didnt feel it I just thought it was forced.


My likes?

# I loved the storyline. It was strong and this book had a lot of potential.

# I liked the twisted persona of Noah. His motivations...Also his idea of justice was twisted but understandable.

#I liked the ending of the book.


This book was my first buddy-read. It was with my lovely friend Brenda. I enjoyed a lot reading this book with her. Thank you babe! xx

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