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Interview with Ana Medeiros: the great author of The Raven Room

Thanks to Ana for this great picture!!
Isn't she lovely? ;) xx

   #Hi Ana! This is my first interview and I’m so glad it is with you. Hope you’re ready to answer a lot of questions. I’m so excited for your answers. Let’s start with easy question. I know your readers want to know more about you. What can you tell us about yourself? Who is Ana Medeiros?

              I can sway from being extremely reserved to overly outspoken, depends how much coffee I’ve had that day. I’m also very open-minded…but if you have read The Raven Room that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

   #When did you decide to write? Was it always in your mind or was it just a spot decision?

             I grew up surrounded by people who truly valued books so I always loved to read. When I was in my late teens I wrote a book that will never see the light of day (I will take it to my grave with me!). I always wanted to give it another go but life kept getting in the way. Two and a half years ago I started dating a TV/Film writer and I found myself spending a lot of time at coffee shops staring at him while he wrote and so I thought – now is the time!

   #You said you started dating with a film writer so you thought it was time. I think we should really thank him about his part in your writing journey. I'm curious if you are still dating him? Or he is just an old news ;)

              The TV/Film writer and I are still together and I dedicated the book to him :) Without him there wouldn't be a Raven Room!

   #Your first book is The Raven Room. As a new author, how do you feel about this? How was the journey of publishing your book?

             It’s so exciting! The journey of publishing The Raven Room was pretty straightforward. I wrote the book and as I was trying to find an agent I was also sending the manuscript to publishers. Diversion Books showed interest and said yes. I had given myself a deadline – if I couldn’t find an agent and or a publisher by a certain date I was going to self-publish it. I’m very glad I went with Diversion Books because a good editor is indispensable.

   #What did inspire you to write The Raven Room? What was that final push to make you start this book?

              I needed a new challenge. Also, the last five years of my life gave me plenty of material to draw from. It would be shame not to put it to good use.

   #Well, now…Let’s talk about Doctor Julian Reeve…What can you tell us about him? Was it easy to write his character? Did someone you knew inspire you about his persona or did you have anyone to picture as him in your mind?

              Julian’s character is mostly the combination of a few men that have, in different ways, changed my life. He’s not based on one particular person. From all The Raven Room’s characters he’s the one that feels the most comfortable to me. Maybe because he’s pragmatic and not overly emotional and I can personally relate to that.

   #What about other characters in the book? Alana, Meredith, Peter, Grace and Pam…What can you tell about them shortly? As an author and the creator of these characters what do you feel about them?

              The Raven Room is Julian’s story. All of these characters are connected to him and their actions directly or indirectly affect him and his life. None of them are easy characters to love and that’s ok because they are not meant to be likeable or unlikable. They are meant to be interesting.

               Due to a particular decision she made involving Julian, Meredith is probably the character that awakens the strongest feelings in readers. And yet, in my eyes, she’s the strongest character because she has so much potential for self-growth. She’s a twenty-three years old young woman. She will make mistakes, she will learn and she will grow.

   #What was the hardest part to write in the book? And what is your favorite part of the book?

               Probably the mystery elements.There’s a reason why I don’t like puzzles! My favorite part of the book is the scenes between Julian and Alana. Like any two normal people who are discovering each other they can’t get their hands off each other (they were my excuse to write all those sex scenes!).

   #Okay…Now more personal question for you. In the book there was a part of Meredith and Julian about BDSM. What is BDSM for you? Are you familiar with the lifestyle?

               I’m knowledgeable about the lifestyle but I’m not active in the BDSM community. Unfortunately there are so many misconceptions out there of what BDSM is about. That’s why I want to highlight the fact that The Raven Room isn’t a book about BDSM.You see Julian and Meredith’s character have that discussion because I wanted to make it clear that Julian isn’t a member of the BDSM community and his sexual behavior shouldn’t be categorized as such.

   #One level more personal…Have you ever been in a club like The Raven Room or would you want to go to one?

               I’ve been to sex clubs but never one as opulent as the one I describe in the book. If a club like The Raven Room exists I want to know what I need to do to get a membership!

   #Back to the book…I know the second book is written. So in the second book, what awaits us? And can you tell us the name of the second book or do you prefer it to be a surprise? 

               You will meet a couple of exciting new characters! You’ll also see how Julian and Meredith’s relationship unfolds after the events that took place at the end of book one. You will learn more about Steven Thompson’s character and the club…while a lot of the question get answered new ones come up. The only reason I can’t share the title of book two is because it might change between now and the time it gets published.

   #You left us with a lot of questions at the end of the Raven Room. What do you feel about it? Did you like torturing us like that? LOL.

                I swear it wasn’t on purpose. The Raven Room is a continuous story told throughout three books. I had to end book one somewhere and knowing what comes next…that was the sweet spot.

   #And now I want to ask one question mostly for my benefit. But I know there are some people out there that want to start writing. As an author, what advice do you have for amateur writers and to the one who wants to start writing?

                Come up with story you want to tell, something that excites you, then create a writing schedule that works for you and set a deadline. Stick to it. It’s all about enjoying the process and putting words on the page. And do it over and over again.

   #As final, is there anything you want to add and tell your readers?Well, I think I asked everything. LOL.

                 Thank you so much for the amazing support! Can’t wait to share the rest of Julian’s story with you.

   #Congratulations Ana! You finished all the questions :) 
Thank you for your time. I’m appreciated that you accept to do the interview. I’m so glad you wrote The Raven Room and this book brought us together.

Interview with Ana Medeiros by Abby.
November 6, 2015

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