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New Release: Cleat Catcher by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell

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What happens when an unrepentant Cleat Chaser meets the player of her dreams?

Nikki Graves has a history of going through the baseball roster with an eye for talent--the kind of talent that keeps things spicy between the sheets. But, once she meets Braden Bradford, catcher for the Ravens, her talent scout days are done. He's the one.

Braden has never met a woman like Nikki, and he can't get enough of her smart mouth and big heart. But life isn't always as direct and certain as the connection between Braden and Nikki. When family objections and career trajectories begin to crowd the plate, will Braden be able to keep his catch of a lifetime?
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I shot back against the cushion, doing my best to act normal. Nik pushed the door open. “Hey, babe. I was waiting for my dessert course.” I made a show of scrubbing my hand across my mouth and face like I was clearing her a space.
“I’m good.” Her tone was flat, and she didn’t even look at me.
What the hell?
Her usual spark was gone. She sauntered over to the side table, and dropped her keys and bag on it.
I glanced down at the laptop screen full of porn. Fuck! I’d been researching some new shit to try out with her, but there was no way she’d believe me. My gaze drifted to the mouse way up under the table. There was no chance I could get to it without giving away my knee situation.
Using my good leg, I tried to gently kick the computer screen closed, and, of course, it only opened wider.
“Have you moved from the couch all night? Did you even shower?” She sighed, still facing the wall like she had no interest in looking at me.
“What’s wrong, babe? What happened?” My mind raced. A lot could have occurred at Estate de CuntMuffin that would set her off. I’d been worried the whole time she was gone.
“I’m fine.” She turned around, and I watched her eyes dart straight to the computer screen. Her brows pinched together and her hands went to her hips.
Fuck me. This won’t be good.
“Nice, Braden. Real fucking nice.”
“It’s not what you think. I don’t look at porn.” I stared in the other direction and mumbled. “Often.”
“Your fingers slip and accidentally type in ‘’” She scowled and began to pace back and forth.
I’d expected her to be upset about the porn, but not this much. I was halfway hoping she’d want to look at it with me. “No. I was trying to find new stuff to try out on you. If you must know.”
Her lips curled like she might smile, and then they mashed back into a thin line.
So close.
“Have they said if you’re going to be traded or not?” She took another step toward me, ignoring all of the pussy acrobatics flashing on the laptop.
“No.” I tilted my head to my lap and ground my teeth while I tried to compose myself. I’d been trying to forget about that shit all day, but the pain in my knee kept it front and center in my mind.
She made a pfft sound and threw her arms in the air.
“Babe, I’m sorry. I know I’m supposed to have a clue what you’re upset about. I just don’t.”
A million things rocketed through my mind at once and brought my entire thought process to a crashing halt. My brain buffered slower than the inverted cowgirl pussy nomming scene I’d attempted to watch earlier.
Nik scowled, and then folded her arms across her chest. She stared me down like a closer in the ninth inning. “Think really really hard about the problem we have.”
My eyes rolled up toward the ceiling. “Uhh, your parents?” I glanced back and tried to judge her reaction.
She made a loud sound like a buzzer that startled me.
“Fucking hell. I mean, umm, me being traded?” I held my hands up and shrugged.
“Warmer.” She took another step toward me.
I hated this fucking guessing game. Why couldn’t she just say it? Heat rushed into my face, and my body tensed.
“Can you just tell me? Please. Stop fucking around with me.” I smacked my hand against the back of the sofa, and Nik jumped.
“Maybe my parents were right. Maybe you do have anger issues.” She stomped off a few steps and whipped back around. “Easton!
“Take that shit back. You know I don’t. Maybe your goddamn family just brings it out of everyone. Maybe you’re more like your mo—” I froze stiff on the couch, and my eyes bugged out. I held up my hands. “I stopped myself. You heard me. I did not say it.”
It was too late. I thought my head was going to explode the way Nik glowered in my direction. Her hands were squeezed into fists at her sides, and I could see all the whites of her knuckles. She started toward me like a possessed demon. “Did you say what I think you said?”
Do not answer, Braden. That shit is rhetorical. Adapt and survive.
I shook my head quickly and braced myself in case she resorted to physical violence.

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Celia Aaron

Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark. Thanks for reading.

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Sloane Howell

Sloane Howell lives in the Midwest United States and writes dirty stories. When not reading or writing he enjoys hanging out with his family, watching sports, playing with the dogs, traveling, and engaging his readers on social media. You can almost always catch him on Twitter posting something goofy.

Visit his web page to sign up for his mailing list to get updates on new releases, promos, and giveaways. Thanks for reading.

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Interview with JP Uvalle

An Interview with  JP Uvalle  an  upcoming author with a debut novel Hidden Souls: Resurrection of Sin
Hello and nice to have you here with us!
Lets meet the talent behind the name of  JP Uvalle.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?
No, I'm shy! Please don't make me talk about myself. LOL. JK. I'm just an ordinary girl, living in a paranormal world...inside my head that is.

2. You have graduated with an Associate's degree in Applied Science and Technology, does that experience help you in your writing aspirations or you are determined to keep this field of expertize from your imagination? 
Yes, It did help, actually. One of the requirements for obtaining my degree, was to take a technical writing class. Back then, I absoulutely hated that class. I've always been a creative person, and in that class, there was no room to be colorful. And to be honest, I struggled throughout the entire course – there were too many strict guidelines set upon me. I'm not one to follow rules, especially when it comes to writing. But now, I look back, and I appreciate and the writing skills I'd learned from it, because I am capable of writing a proper sentence. Sometimes...ha!

3. I also came to know that you work as an ICU technician in Highlands Ranch, Colorado at an emergency/specialty hospital. Can you tell us something about that? What does that involve?
As an technician in general, you are: the communicater between the vet and the client, the primary care-taker, the phramacist, the lab technician, the x-ray technician, the maid, the surgery scrub nurse, and the pet advocate. That's just a handful  of responsibitlties tagged on to the title “veterinary technicican.“  We do a lot more than what most people realize. And, being a ICU technican on top of that, is an rewarding and depressing job all at once. On the daily, I see some heart-breaking cases.  And, eventhough our team does everything in their power to save an animal's life, sometimes there's nothing you can do. You learn quick, you can't save them all. You have to have thick skin, in order to survive in this field, because there will be days when you're so emotionally and physically drained, you'll want to give up. But then, you remember...Fluffy - a dog who survived  a bizarre skin-eating infection (which turned out to be a brown-recluse bite) despite all odds. It makes all worth it. Reminds you why you became a technician in the first place.

4. Who is really JP Uvalle, the writer?
I'm just a good-hearted soul, who enjoys the simple things in life. Yet, there are times I welcome a little spontaneity.

5. What do your initials stand for?
J- Jina. P-psst...I aint telling you. And, U...well, you already know (pronounced: ooh-va-yay).

6. How did you decide this would be your pen name as we know it?
Well, my friend, Deb told me early on, I was the next  J. K. Rowling. Not possible, but okay, I'll roll with it. So, one day I was like, why not just be  J. P. Uvalle. Bam!

7. When did you first start writing? And when did it become the real thing?
I dabbled in a little writing in high school. I remember when my childhood friend and I wrote our own version of  I Know What You Did Last Summer, and read/acted out the scenes, while we recorded it on her cassette player. Damn, wish I still had the type; it was hilarious! Hmm...idea for a future novel maybe ;)
I also, wrote  poems here and there. But, It all became a realistic dream for me when, I had finshed writing my first draft of Hidden and I showed it to my mother-in-law. She said it was really good, and thought I should look in to publishing. So, I ran with the idea and never looked back.

8. What made you start writing?
We fell upon some hardship after our daughter was born. I  even had to cut my hours to part-time, in order to spend more time with her.  I was not transitioning well. And with the extra free time,  I began reading more and more; it gave me a place to escape from my troubles, and it reminded me how much I loved the beauty behind well-written words. I then downloaded a writing app onto my phone. And once I started writing, I couldn't stop. I was addicted. It was a way to get all the words out of my head.
Writing saved me from myself. I was in a dark place, and I no longer wanted to be there.

9. When do you find time to write?
I try to write every day, whether it's on my phone or on my laptop.

10. Do you have any writing rituals? If yes, can you describe them?
Sometimes, I do yoga before I write. Especially, if i'm feeling stressed out. Helps me focus.

11. What does your family say about your writing?
My family members are my biggest supporters.

12. Do you really separate your „real life“ persona from „the writer“ in you or are they one and the same?
I try to keep it separate but it can be difficult at times, because I want my readers to get to know me on a more personal level. I feel they do respond better an author that way. But, I'm pretty much the same. All though, I tend to be more outgoing on social media than I am in person. I told you I was shy!

13. How did you decide on the subject you would write about?
That is mostly what I like to read and watch. I'm a huge Vampire Diaries fan – the books, and the tv series.

14. Would you consider writing in a different genre? If yes, in which one? Why?
I would like to branch out into horror one day. I love horror movies, and Stephen King is one of my favorite authors; I think it'll be fun to write.

15. How did the world of Hidden Souls come to life?
I keep a dream journal – my dreams tend to be very vivid. Plus, I often had nightmares as a child. So basically, my worst nightmares + my wild imagination = Hidden Souls.

16. Can you tell us in short about the Hidden Souls? What is it about?
What it really comes down to is souls. We are all connected, and everything we do affects the world around us. And eventhough you can't see the changes right away, doesn't mean they're not happening.

17. Where did you find the inspiration to write about the mysterious world of tribal legends, mystic, cult...
I find inspiration in everything.

18. How did you do your research?
I read books on the subject matter, took notes, and search the web.

19. I was curious and went to research on Sinthos LOL, and what I found was a reference to a Indus River - an Asian river that rises in Tibet and flows through northern India and then southwest through Kashmir and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea; "the valley of the Indus was the site of an early civilization. So, does Sinthos exist beyond your written word? Does he have a „backgroud“ in any true/false legends or is he solely a product of your imagination?
I came up with the name on my own - without prior research. I wanted his name to be unqiue, becuase “Sin“ was just too boring. So, I decided to add “ thos“ at the end. And just like you, I was curious if there was someone or something with that name already. I had discovered the information on the River. It was perfect. A sign it was meant to be, because water can transform into just about him.

20. Do you believe in spirits? Spiritual world?

21. While reading your book, I found very intriguing the whole spectre of your imagination. The details in which you have described the scenes were so vivid and authentic, where did you draw out the images from? Was it completely from your mind or was it a compilation of gathered images from all around, TV, pictures, books...
Mostly from my imagination and dreams. I find that it's much easier to find your muses first, and then, start writing about them. A picture can capture a thousand words; they're are just waiting to be told.

22. At times I truly felt overwhelmed with events and sometimes it kinda felt did you keep track on all those details and not getting overwhelmed yourself?
I don't know if it's because I am a Gemini, but  I tend not to get overwhelmed easily; I'm used to dealing with the inner chaos, ha!

23. The inspiration for your characters came from____________?
The people in my life I find intriging.

24. Are there any of your own characteristics in Xandra, the heroine in your story?
I do see a lot of myself in Xandra, for sure. I also, took some characteristics from the strong women I know personally, to round out her personality. I wanted Xandra to have many layers.

25. And Liam? Is there a Liam in „real life“? *wink* If there is, wow, can you say hi for me *waves*  LOL
I guess, Liam is a combination of Ian Somerhalder and my husband, maybe ;)

26. The book ends with a question mark, when can we expect the sequel?
Descendants of Arcos. August 2016

27. Would you like to send out a message to the future readers for the conclusion of this interview? Give it a shout! *wink*
Thank you, Snow for putting together such an amazing interview. I really enjoyed answering your questions. And, I hope the readers out there got a little more insight into me and the story.
                                                                                             xoxo JP

Thank you so much for participating in this interview.
JP, I wish you a lot of bestselling books in the future. And hopefuly we can repeat this experience. Pretty soon J

Interview arranged and conducted by Snjezana (Snow).

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Abby's Review: Cleat Catcher by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell via Goodreads

Cleat Catcher (The Cleat Chaser Duet, #2)Cleat Catcher by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5- The ball(s) or the heart?- Stars

Let's agree both are equally important...right?
Anyway...That's not the point.

Cleat Catcher is Braden and Nikki's story. We've already known then from Cleat Chaser and with this book we looked into their relationship dynamic from a closer pov. We had chance to get to know them better.

Braden's dream in life was baseball, his career and he had never thought beyond it. Because he didn't need to...He was happy in his life, with his position in the team and with his love next to him.
When his career wasn't going the way it should have, he was face to face to choose his way.

Will he choose his career and cause Nikki to leave her well-going job or will he choose his love and her happiness?

I've read Cleat Catcher at one sitting and there is not even one boring page in this book. I loved reuniting with Easton, Kyrie, Braden, Nikki and of course my personal favorite; Kasey.

It was hot, fun, hilarious, warm, romantic and fast-paced story. Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell used their magic and created a very enjoyable read. It is a must read if you're looking for something light

But...I'll write one note here for our great author: Can you please write Kasey's story, too?? Pretty please? Pretty please cherry on top???
Thank you!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Snow's Review: Cara's Twelve by Chantel Seabrook via Goodreads

Cara's TwelveCara's Twelve by Chantel Seabrook
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.75 stars

Effin hell, i am surprised by my own decision in rating BUT this was a hell of a journey of passion, growth, decisions, choices, love, impossible love, and more cluster fuck of feels i cant even begin to dwell upon...

Phenomenal writing above all...the flow of the story is neat and fluid...
it just takes you right in the middle of the storm...

The characters- holy hell, where to begin and who to start with...

Cara, above all, astonising female character- thrown into a political ploy of major aspect of deceit, turned her, from a reluctant and angry, defiant young woman, into a force of many faces and many trades as she comes to know herself and her role as a future queen.

She lived up to all of my expectations and reigned not only her future Kingdom but her power lay in her heart that choose to split into three parts...loving two men who pledged their loyalties, destinies and lives to her and for her...and for the third and outmost valuable essence made out of that love...that essence being the key of insuring the future of peace and unison amongst her people...

The Twelve- interesting concept above all, a reverse dominance in matriarchy pledged twelve men as a personal army of protectors and consorts to a future queen who had a choice to choose who to pick...who to love...who to make a King.

Only two of them will actually win her heart as well as they will split it...and somehow i found it believeable and love both of them eaqualy in a different shade and in different layers...

as they all end up fighting for freedom, against treason, betrayal and ultimate deceitful ploy of gigantic proportions...
these characters will find themselves and lose themselves on the brick of war only to be subjected to the sacrifices made out of duty...

I think this story will stay with me for quite some time...

Copy provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Snow's Review: Hidden Souls: Resurrection of Sin by J P Uvalle via Goodreads

Hidden Souls: Resurrection of SinHidden Souls: Resurrection of Sin by J P Uvalle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.25 "cluster of hidden turmoil souls" stars

Holy mother of an imagination!!! I am blown away by this...sweet Jesus of the sane mind...
and i am lost as of

This is my first encounter with this author and It wont be the last either, since this books calls for a second installment and I need my answers like ASAP, I will be diving into the next installment as soon as it's provided to me...LOL

So, stay tuned...cause I am all tuned in...and expectantly nervous...

And now the most hardest thing for me to do - give you an insight into the story *le sigh*, a very very huge *le sigh*

cause it is impossible for me to grasp it all myself and to present it in a way that will do the story justice, I am afraid I would fail tremendously

but I will try even if I am lacking in words...right now...

The story takes us in the middle of the crime scene, there was a horrible murder...young girls are missing...and when their bodies are found drained of all life, the detectives in charge of the case Xandra Kallan and Liam Hendrik find themselves on the path of hidden truths, mysteries and powers beyond recon.
Both detectives are individuals more complex than it meets the eye and yet their lives in past, present and in future are linked beyond comprehention, beyond this earthly measure as the powers more dangerous, passionate, lustful, longing and vengeful linger through them, and within them...they are not only on a path of revealing the crime, but the truths combining the crime within its own cruel and unjustified essence brings the cluster of turmoil on their own souls...


It s all there, around you, with you, devouring you and making your head spin and turn and sigh and scream and just....burst from angst, thrill, suspense, surprise...and shit what not...

and IN THE END along with the characters you find out with them on the same merry fuckin way that their SOULS might not be THEIR OWN in the first place, and that they might not OWN them AT ALL...

ABSOLUTE CLUSTER! Mindwirl, turmoil in the purest essence...hardcore stuff and yet still that very own hardcore felt a bit overwhelming at in order to get my mind clear of any doubts and questions I truly need the next book!

to show me the way to my much needed answers...

JP UVALLE, you showed me the world beyond anything I have ever seen...lead the way...

Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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Snow's Review: Ten of Two by Crow Gray via Goodreads

Ten of TwoTen of Two by Crow Gray

4 lustful stars

This book could stand for ANYone's guilty at least one of the ten stories featured...

There's nothing revolutionary coming out of my review here cause simply you need to experience the words written by yourself...

This collection of 10 short but extremely erotical and explicit in content stories speak for themselves actually, where the sexual subjects and objects between two consenting adults are explored, revived and intensified.

Each of the stories brings the new experience in a sense

and the extent of them is the final result where you'll probably end up looking and feeling like this

stunned in a "whoa" way

a lil bit more amazed

maybe a bit embarrassed

but mostly turned on with whiplashes inside and out

Of all the stories presented in this book my personal fave is called "THE GRADE" - a "forbidden" type of the sexual encounter BUT simply because there was MORE displayed in the shortage of pages then in some long length novels I have read...there's essence, and there's essence with a final touch of humor that was the actual turning point that prevailed and made all the difference.

well, just for that one alone, I'd give an A *wink*

Right on!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

An Interview with Grace Risata

Interview with Grace Risata

1) Hi Grace! Let’s start with an easy question. Who is Grace Risata? What can you tell us about yourself?  
I’m a person who loves to read and I thought, “Hey, I’ve read so many romance novels, that I’d like to try to write one myself.”  So I did!  It was so much fun that I kept going and wrote another one.

2) Let’s give your readers some head ups about your writing…Can you tell us about your works?  
I currently have two romance novels on Amazon as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.  My first book is “My Dirty Detour” and it’s a romantic comedy with mafia elements to it.  It’s full of twists and turns that the reader won’t see coming.  The second book is called, “Nights in the Fast Lane” and it’s another contemporary romantic comedy.  I like all my books to have elements of humor in them.

3) Do you have any aspirations in exploring other genres as your field?  
Yes, I do.  As a matter of fact, I currently have a paranormal romance floating around in my head and begging me to write it.

4) Where did you find inspiration for Izzy and Dane?  
I was actually playing in the snow with my dog and thought, “What if someone was stranded in a blizzard?” and the story just progressed from there.

5) In Nights in the Fast Lane, the heroine didn’t have luck in love department. She had so many bad dates. Did you have any experience like that? Do tell ;)  
Some of her bad dates are based on personal experience and some are entirely fictional.  I’ll leave it to your imagination to guess which is which!

6) Izzy was a character who gives everyone a nickname. Is this something you do, too? And if yes, is there any reason behind it?  
Yes, it is EXACTLY something I do all the time.  It’s more fun to talk about people when they have nicknames.  Most people at my job have nicknames too.  It just makes things more casual and creates a better environment.  I think people can bond when they have secret nicknames for things.

7) The way your characters actually meet is a bit strange and a dangerous situation...would you ever do the same in such a moment or not? Or have you ever done similar? Or not? Can you elaborate?  
I would never take a stranger in my car because I’m completely neurotic and paranoid in real life.  Had it happened to me, I would have given him money and tried to call him a taxi or something.  I try to set up my characters to meet in strange situations and see how they go from there.  Since it’s fiction, I can pretty much do whatever I want.

8)On a subject of racing cars...the details you put in your descriptions...did you do a research on it or do you practice yourself the magic of the speed rush?  
I love cars and come from a family of mechanics.  I did google around a bit to make sure my descriptions were accurate.  Much like Izzy, I’m a bad driver in real life!

9) What is your dream car?  
I would absolutely take the Chevelle that Ant was driving.  That’s a beautiful car!

10) Is Dane your type of an ideal man? Or maybe Spider?  
Spider is too full of angst for my taste.  I like Dane a lot better.  He’s protective and alpha, yet easy-going and has a funy side.  And his tattoos are HOT!

11) Izzy’s friends the girls are almost the opposite of each other. Do they carry a little piece of you or are they your outlet only?  
Izzy’s friends are actually based on two of my friends. They’re complete opposites, yet we all get along extremely well.

12) Will there be a story on Winter and Spider?  
I would like to do that one day.  I have two spin off novels planned for each of my first books.  However, my brain keeps coming up with different ideas.  I have to go where my conscience leads me. 

13) You left your epilogue a bit aloof and can we expect more?  
I would like to do a book about Monica and one about Winter. 

14) Who else will be getting their own story? Stacey and Ant maybe?  
Stacey and Ant were only meant to be very minor characters, but I ended up liking them more and expanded their parts.  I don’t see them having a full story, just being mentioned in any more books in the series.

15) What about Monica? Will she be getting her HEA?  
I would love to write a story about her and I already have her love interest picked out.  All my characters get their I’m sure she will too!

The interview arranged and conducted by Abby and Snow.
June 22, 2016

Abby's Review: Nights in the Fast Lane by Grace Risata via Goodreads

Nights in the Fast LaneNights in the Fast Lane by Grace Risata
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Brick Wall Stars

Grace Risata is a new author to me so she deserves a chance ;)

Nights in the Fast Lane is a story of Izzy and Dane.

Izzy was working in a cosmetic factory. She liked to see the negatives in everything but with her new year decision, she wanted to be a positive person...That was why when her daily crush, Brick Wall, needed help after he rescued her, she did the only thing she could and accepted him to her house.

Dane was low on his luck in that period of his life. So, to be in need of Izzy was not a secy situation for him. Even though they were attracted to each other they didnt act on it. After they acted on it, some secrets revealed, some problems needed to be solved...

Nights in the Fast Lane had the pieces of humour, drama, action etc. But there was some problem it didn't work well for me. Sexual scenes were a little awkward, the characters were immature for my taste. Unfortunately, I couldn't feel enough connection with the story or the characters...
Maybe because it wasn't the right book for the right time, or maybe because it wasn't the kind of book I usually read.

Overall, it was an okay read for me...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Snow's Review: Nights in the Fast Lane by Grace Risata via Goodreads

Nights in the Fast LaneNights in the Fast Lane by Grace Risata
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I honestly cant give more than 3 stars...

The story, being nothing new, nothing that hasnt already been written about- two souls different in character, that found each other on the opposite sides of fortune they engage into the unlikely "friendship"...that slowly turns into appreciation and relationship...while they find themselves each in themselves and in each other...fighting insecurities, doubts, differencies in character, pov, backgrounds...and what else not...

Said like s nothing surprising or revolutionary in the presented the only thing that could have made this book different from other books out there, would have been the writing style

Unfortunately, the author had a great desire to express it all at once mixing humour, drama, romance and action into one melting pot...but it only ended up being just a huge mix.

The characterisation was lacking in connection...i could not relate to the h/H, individualy or them together, they just didnt seem believable to me. I could not sympathize with them and their past stories and i didnt connect...which made all the difference for me in further engagement into the story.

Mostly, what i didnt like was the way they acted...they were in their mid 20s and they acted like kids with tantrums and lets just say most of the times i thought they were immature. Their dialogues were awkward and incoherent and at times it really put me off questioning- wth?

The pacing of the storytelling was kinda slow which made the book seemingly look "too long"...

This book had all the ingridients to be an excellent thrive and thrill in portrayal of a romance in an unconventional surroundings but instead it was merely a romance attempt filled with layers of every possible "odd" to pump the "happenings" but it was awkwardly pulled together.

It could have been a beautiful story instead of barely average. But that doesnt mean this book wont find its public cause i am sure it will it just unfortunately happens i wasnt one of them.

Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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