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Review: Fuck Buddy by Scott Hildreth via Goodreads

Fuck BuddyFuck Buddy by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 -Good to go- Stars

BR with precious Shhluts DS, Lizzie and Tanaka

Fuck Buddy was a gift to me from Shh, the awesome Goodreads group. I'm so glad I chose this book. It was awesome!

Fuck Buddy is the second book I've read by Scott Hildreth. I knew this book would be good without any doubt. The name of the book, the blurb...I thought it would be a light and hot read. I expected it. It was hot for sure but it was absolutely not light.

Reading two books by Mr. Hildreth, I can easily say his books are full of wisdom. You can think every book out there has a secret meaning for careful eyes, I agree but, Scott Hildreth's books are like a life manual. I wanted to highlight at least half of the book.
He makes you question your life, your beliefs, your dreams. He makes you see the life from a different perspective.
He doesn't force any idea on you, doesn't try to change your mind but he force you to think. He gives you food for thought and a lot of opportunity in life when you're thinking there is only one certain way to live it.

I'm not interested in having my life or the events in my life dependent on a clock. Go to work at this time, come home at that time, it's time to eat, it's time to get up, I have to run to a meeting at 11:45. I don't know how people do it.

Luke doesn't live his life due to anyone or any rules. He lives his life the way he wants it. He is kinda introvert, kinda old-fashioned and kinda strong enough to rule his world. He is a free spirit and I wouldn't want him any other way.

He liked what he liked and he believed what he believed. It was just who Luke was.


Liv is a young woman who wants "great sex and a wedding ring" in her relationships. But she isn't lucky in that department. Maybe because she trusts online-date sites for her relationships or maybe because she is in love with her best friend, Luke, since ages.
Finally, when she gave up on going dates with some strangers from online, she decides to jump another level in their friendships with Luke and wants to include sex in it.

Luke. My best friend. My best friend with added benefits.

It looks so easy at first. Two people who are best friends since ages and also love each other become fuck buddies...But it's not that simple. When some secrets from past revealed, it might be hard to accept.

Liv's love towards Luke was good and sweet but she made me so angry sometimes. And in those times, Chloe showed up in the picture, thankfully.
I loved Chloe so much as a side character. She was fun, a little slutty (in a good way) and good at giving pieces of advice.

"You're done thinking. Done. I'm doing the thinking for you from here on out."

On the other side, Luke's love was great; I thought he loved more intense than Liv. Maybe because he was more like a nature guy, he acted like that. He gave all he has, no holding back, just like nature does.
He was funny, caring and kinky. All the good things a lover should be.

"The girl you said was a slut? The one you called the other day?"
"Uh huh."
"And she told you that you were a submissive?"
"No. I took a test."
"At the submissive school?"

Because I can live without sex. But I can't live without you.


Seeing her cry created a pain within me that I was afraid time may never heal.

In this book I felt so many things. It was funny, sad, hot, sweet and painful. I'm still feeling the heavy feeling of the secret in the book. I loved how Scott pictured that human beings are controlled by emotions, other's actions. I loved how he showed us a butterfly can be so strong.


I recommend this book to everyone. This is not just a simple erotica, this is not all about sex. This is about being human, loving someone, accepting them with their scars, their demons and their doubts.
Just a piece of advice; while reading this book read it carefully. I'm sure you'll find a lot of questions and a lot of answers about your life.

As a final note: I want to thank to Scott Hildreth with all my heart. I'm totally in love with this book. THANK YOU!

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