Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Abby's Review: Anything To Sing by Crow Gray via Goodreads

Anything To SingAnything To Sing by Crow Gray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4-4,5 -Stress control is important- Stars

Rose Fill wants one thing from life, lives for one thing only. She wants to be the star, to sing her songs where they will be appreciated. But, her life doesn't go the way she plans. She is stuck with small shows.
Finally, she has enough with this ungoing career of her and she wants more. That's where Victor Castle comes into the picture.

His methods are...umm...different. If Rose wants to work with him, she'll do whatever he says...She'll do anything to sing.

And...The training begins...

The first training is about to make her focus and in control on her show...

The second training for stress-control. It's important for a singer, you know...

The third lesson is for her to connect with the female audience. We cannot have just 50% of the population, right?

And the forth lesson is about to make her unleash his inner star...

Congratulations...Now, you are ready to rock the world!

I loved Victor's methods so much and they all worked pretty well. So can we say, win-win?

If you want to read hot and dirty romance look no further. This book is for you! ;)

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