Sunday, May 1, 2016

Abby's Review: Erotic Road Trip Adventures by O. M. Wills via Goodreads

Erotic Road Trip Adventures (ASNAD, #1)Erotic Road Trip Adventures by O.M. Wills
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 -It's an adventure, anyway- Stars

Erotic Road Trip Adventures is the third book I've read by O.M Wills. This book is different from the other two. ERTA is a novella instead of short stories and I loved this change.

Jay and Karman decided a road trip to New York. But Nate and Rayya wanted to join their trip till Chicago. These two couples were so different from each other. While Jay and Karman were conservative and hesitant, Nate and Rayya were open and adventures.

Jay and Karman were hesitant because of the rumors and possible judgment. They chose to not trust anyone easily. But their road trip turned into something different. Something wilder and fun.

Erotic Road Trip Adventures is a hot and dirty quickie you will not regret to read. But this book isn't for everyone's cuppa. So, if you like sexual scenes in a certain way, like clean and without a mess, think once more before reading.
But if you like filthy, dirty, hot as hell sex...Well, click this book ;)

Copy is provided by the author, O.M Wills. Thanks, man! *kisses*

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