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Snow's Review: Wilting Souls by C.R.J. Riggins via Goodreads

Wilting Souls (Wilting Souls Saga #1)Wilting Souls by C.R.J. Riggins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.75 way out of this galaxy stars

so after some pondering... I still find it very hard to sum all of my impressions and cover it all.
It's very difficult to do so in sci-fi genre in general...

it's not easy to capture the essence in just several words and make it look like it makes sense when everything in the story is interwoven and linked with the finest details and threads...that hold it all together, and if I miss just one bit, I lose the essence.

But I'll try.

My first thought when I finished the book was...mindblowing wow!

it was a full blown direct collision with a world I knew nothing about and yet I was mesmerised by the way it was described and presented...


Imperial date :2141 ABCAE
A planet, a reign where the "you pray for strength so that one my serve all women as the Blood Goddesses wish all men to do."
"Now that all of you feel enveloped by the love of Adrasteia, all of you can rest assured you'll never become unloved by her. After all, the name Adrasteia means 'inescapable'.
we're all wrapped in inescapable love.

One could get lost just right there...and yet everything is not really what it seems to be either.

But it's actually a story of a one man's journey and how he came to be...

Bandares - Lord General
The person I am today and the cruel, cold-blooded person I'm known to be throughout the Emipre, was not so.

we follow the events through the holographic imagery as we are set on a voyage of one man's ascending, from a slave to the General. We see Bandares tale as he encounters Tara - Groud Assault Elite General , a woman of interest but yet so off limits...until he himself reaches the goal, that would cost him the ultimate feeling of loss as we are yet to find out...
Come, bear witness to the events lead to the wilting of my soul.

Moon-world of Ah Tabai
In Adrasteia binary solar system.
A man coming home after a long time being away from his home, from his family...

Two worlds will be colliding.
The war will be the result that would shatter and destroy.
Destinies will be interlinking.
Decisions and the sacrifices will have to be made.

First of all, the authors vivid imagination is beyond any words I can find to give it justice.
I am simply in awe of the fictional world he created with his detailed descriptions where every name, every word holds a hidden meaning and can be discovered if you scratch the surfice of the imaginary...

I loved the action sequences, they were my favorites. The battles and the whole process felt like I was watching a criss cross of "Battlestar Galactica" and "Eureka"

and I simply enjoyed myself to the fullest.

Those of you who love sci-fi will know what I am talking about (when I mentioned the tv -series above), those of you who don't, well google it. LOL

looking forward to the continuation of this saga!

I am guest starring on my dear friend EBRU you can freely check that out! *wink*


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