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Snow's Review: Idol by Kristen Callihan via Goodreads

Idol (VIP, #1)Idol by Kristen Callihan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 "Killian mother effin James" stars

Killian James - the lead singer and guitarist of the most famous band in the world Kill John, he hid himself after the traumatic event involving one of his band members, he took off, away from the limelight, away from the crowd, away from the imagery of idolism, he took time to straight himself up, to find himself again, to find music once more…
to find the essence that got lost along the way

 photo killian_zpsumnvorx2.jpg

Liberty Bell - a book cover designer, she took refuge from the world cause that was her way of coping with the horrid accident that took her parents away from her but it was also the way she way, a private person or so she was holding onto that. But she was also a child of music…

And still they were two people who might not have ever met, otherwise unless the given awkward circumstance…
But that's the thing about life; it can change in an instant.

they bonded, befriended beyond the given image, they awakened each other over music, the most sincere „reach out“ for two people to find solace, peace, love in a common thing the share together and in each other…

You're bringing me back to life.

Killian finds out that Libby has a talent. Her preference was the music, she grew up around it, with it. She was the music, she just didn't want the limelight of it all.

 photo libby_zpslapga027.jpg

And yet all she really wanted, was him. To be with him.
Killian James wakes me up, makes me whole.
„What do you want?“
„You. I just want to be with you.“

So whenever they need to run from the overwhelming burden of the „fame“ and outer life that has a mind of its own that can consume you in such a way that you lose your essence, you forget why you are doing what you are doing in the first place…
“I'm your safe place, Libby.“
„I love you. That's what I've been trying to say all this time.“

 photo idol_zpstakttmn6.jpg

Music can be your friend when you have none, your lover when you're needy. Your rage, your sorrow, your joy, your pain. Your voice when you've lost your own. To be a part of thet, to be the soundrack of someone's life, is a beautiful thing.

My kind of music.
My kind of hero.
Killian, you stand next to Jimmy Ferris as equal! You sexy and sweet, awkward and funny, then confident and overwhelming rock God, all at the same time. You did rock my world!
My kind of heroine. Libby, your humor lifted me up numerous times, I think of you as another part of me…
My kind of story. light, funny, romantic, without too much drama or exaggeration, phenomenal characters , prime and secondary one…Whip Dexter (the drummer), Rye Peterson (the bass player), even Jax (the guitarist and a back vocal, the lyrics writer) and most of all intriguing Mr. Gabriel Scott aka Scottie (whose next book I am very much looking forward to)

For Killian and Libby… I loved their interactions, little mischiefs, passion, misunderstandings but most of all I loved the connection they had through the music, through the lyrics, only they could read/see the meaning meant for them only.
I see you two through these lyrics for a long time ahead…

“…And we can build this dream together
Standing strong forever
Nothing's gonna stop us now
And if this world runs out of lovers
We'll still have each other
Nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us now

I'm so glad I found you
I'm not gonna lose you
Whatever it takes I will stay here with you
Take it to the good times
See it through the bad times
Whatever it takes is what I'm gonna do…

“Nothing’s gonna stop us now” by Starship

Or in Killian’s words for their future:
”We’re gonna have so much fun.”

I know I already have. *wink*

Kristen Callihan, you not only awoke the sentiment in me, your words, ideas, choice of music, through your characters, completed me in a way I will be grateful for a long time. THANK. YOU.

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