Saturday, June 4, 2016

Snow's Review: Abandon by Blake Crouch via Goodreads

AbandonAbandon by Blake Crouch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 "ABANDON captivating "stars

When Abigail Foster, a freelance journalist joins a group of enthusiasts who wants to explore are search for answers to a mistery of a ghost town called Abandon, she never expected for the journey to end in a fight for pure survival.

Ahead lay agrassy lane, lined with rows of weather-beaten structures - all that was left of Abandon

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This story follows intertwined plots of events that happend on a Christmas day of 1893 and during the research expedition in 2009 never expecting how the destinies of apparently unconnected people pulls the ties and bonds them together in a knot connection that surpasses blood, family, friendship, duty...just like the worst enemy they all faced was in fact created by a human factor.

Fantastical writing, phenomenal, captivating thriller-action packed plots and stunning characterisation of every single character presented in the story.

This was my first book that I have read by this author and I am sure it wont be the last.

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