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An Interview with Crow Gray

An Interview with Crow Gray,
    the author of Welcome to Diablo Vista

Let us introduce you to a prosperous new male author coming to us on the contemporary erotica horizon, with his highly action packed erotic new release Welcome to Dablo VistaMr. Crow Gray

1)Mr. Gray, for  a short introduction, can you present yourself in few words?

A writer with a dirty mind who is very happy to share all of my kinky thoughts.

2)What made you start writing? What was the turning point for you?

I had always been a writer at heart, but with technology making self publishing fairly simple in recent years, I thought it was finally time to start sharing what I was writing.

3)Since you are a new author to most of the readers, to make you more approachable to the readers can you describe in short, in your own words, each of your written books - what are they about?
The Anniversary - This is a short, erotic tale that serves as a good introduction to my work. It's very explicit, so this is a good way to judge whether you think you'll be interested in my other works. It's a snapshot of a couple on their anniversary with plenty of erotic elements.

Ten of Two
- This is a collection of erotic short stories. Nothing epic here, mostly just hot erotic action. The content is varied, so while you may not like some of the stories, you will probably like others. The content includes M/f, f/f, interracial, D/s, BDSM, and more.

Anything To Sing
-This is another hot erotic story, with a little more depth than previous works. It's still all about the sex though, to be honest. There's M/f, M/f/F, F/f, M/M/F/M, just a lot of variety in this one.

The Tantric Shaman -This is a paranormal fantasy and represents a big shift in my work. There's still plenty of erotic action, but there's more story here than my previous books. Like with Axl, I try to work sex into a story, rather than vice versa. Still XXX, but there is adventure as well.

4)Which one of your books would you recommend for the readers to start reading first?  
The Anniversary, unless they are specifically interested in other genres: Paranormal/Fantasy for Tantric Shaman, or action for Axl Dane.

5)Can you tell us where the idea to write about a private investigator dealing with a rundown with the Cartel, the Yakuza and the biker gang came from?

I had always wanted to write a gritty anti-hero, and then it just fell into place organically.

6)Can you tell us more about the title, where did the inspiration come from? Does it hold any hidden meaning or message?  
I was trying to picture a town simliar to Frank Miller's SIN CITY, but in the dusty desert. The city is the edge of civilization, literally and figuratively. As far as hidden meanings, to me Welcome to Diablo Vista is basically another way of saying welcome to Hell.

7)Welcome to Diablo Vista is a volume 1, a part of a many volumes will the series consist of?  

As many as I can write. I don't have an end in mind, so I'll just keep going with it as long as it's interesting to me, and hopefully, to readers.

8)How much of a time period will be in between the volumes?  

I'll try to put out at least 2 volumes a year.

9)The main character, AXL DANE is a private investigator who deals with a lot more than he's bargained for...who did you base the character on?

The character is a combination of any and every anti-hero you can name. Everyone from Clint Eastwood's Western characters to Dirty Harry to Rambo to Mike Hammer, all mixed together. Rough around the edges and not exactly a nice guy, but a good guy.

10)Where do you find inspiration for your characters? 
All over. Some of myself is in the characters, as well as bit sand pieces of people I know. Also I try to take inspiration from any interesting characters I've read or seen in movies. Inspiration is literally all around.

11)Where did the inspiraiton for the name AXL DANE come from?

I was just looking for a memorable name that sounds cool.

12)If  Diablo Vista should ever be made into a movie, who would you like to see starring as AXL?  
Even though he'd be a little older than Axl, I'd like to see Kurt Russell play the part.

13)Do you listen to music while writing? If yes, what are you listening to?

I do sometimes, but rarely. When I do, it's classic rock.

14)Do you ever have a background soundtrack or a playlist that goes on while you imagine the scenes for your book? 
Usually just a certain type of music, but not specific songs.  For Axl, I would think of some slow bluesy rock. Something with swagger.

15)Would you consider making a playlist for your future books?  
Hm, that maybe a fun project. I don't know how well I'd do, but I'd consider it.

16)You mainly wrote erotica so far, and the latest novel, actually a novella, is implemented  with different elements, more substantial plot with added action...was that intentional, did you want to expand into a different genre?
Yes, for sure. Short, hot reads are fun, but I'm a storyteller at heart. Here's what I aim for: I'd like to take the sexual elements out of my novels and still have them make good reads, and also have the sexual parts read as good erotic shorts. Then when you combine them, you get the best of both worlds.

17)Did it ever cross your mind that you could get more audience in the male part of population as well?  

I don't think there's a huge male audience out there for erotic novels. There's some, of course, but the female audience is bigger by far.

18)Do you think that the male population would also enjoy reading this book?

I think Axl Dane would be something more males would enjoy reading as compared to some of my other work.

19)Would you like to expand the spectre of your audience? Not being merely focused on the female part of population?  
I'd love to reach the largest audience possibly, but it's easier said than done.

20)What do you think that prevails more, erotic or action segment in Welcome to DIABLO VISTA?  
I'm hoping I struck a nice balance and both segments are pretty equal.

21)Which segment did you enjoy writing more and why? 

For action I liked the final action segment, and for erotic, I have to admit I liked writing Trista and Ed's scene. I hadn't written one like that before, and it is definitely the most controversial scene of the novel since it contains blackmail and borders on dubcon.

22)Would you write more of the action packed books in the future?  Or not? Can you elaborate?

Yes, I'm going to stick with action erotica, but I will do some hot shorts too and stay true to my roots.

23)What are your future plans? 
I'm going to release the next volumes in Tantric Shaman and Axl Dane, then an erotic short story collection.

24)Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  
Hopefully on the bestseller list.

25)Can you share a little hint about what will Axl Dane be getting himself into in the next installment? 

Sure. Some hot college girls end up kidnapped by some depraved swamp hillbillies, and Axl has to save them before they are subjected to the sexual perversions the hillbillies have in store for them.
And that sure sounds excitingly intriguing… J

Mr. Gray, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, hope you'll come back and share more of your thoughts and ideas following up your next releases, as the future readers are looking forward, i am sure, to meeting more of Axl Dane and his adventures, as well as your other characters and exciting stories.

Wish you all the success in your future work and may we see you on the bestseller list before the 10 year plan is over. *wink*
Interview arranged and conducted by Snow.
June 8, 2016.

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