Wednesday, June 22, 2016

An Interview with Grace Risata

Interview with Grace Risata

1) Hi Grace! Let’s start with an easy question. Who is Grace Risata? What can you tell us about yourself?  
I’m a person who loves to read and I thought, “Hey, I’ve read so many romance novels, that I’d like to try to write one myself.”  So I did!  It was so much fun that I kept going and wrote another one.

2) Let’s give your readers some head ups about your writing…Can you tell us about your works?  
I currently have two romance novels on Amazon as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.  My first book is “My Dirty Detour” and it’s a romantic comedy with mafia elements to it.  It’s full of twists and turns that the reader won’t see coming.  The second book is called, “Nights in the Fast Lane” and it’s another contemporary romantic comedy.  I like all my books to have elements of humor in them.

3) Do you have any aspirations in exploring other genres as your field?  
Yes, I do.  As a matter of fact, I currently have a paranormal romance floating around in my head and begging me to write it.

4) Where did you find inspiration for Izzy and Dane?  
I was actually playing in the snow with my dog and thought, “What if someone was stranded in a blizzard?” and the story just progressed from there.

5) In Nights in the Fast Lane, the heroine didn’t have luck in love department. She had so many bad dates. Did you have any experience like that? Do tell ;)  
Some of her bad dates are based on personal experience and some are entirely fictional.  I’ll leave it to your imagination to guess which is which!

6) Izzy was a character who gives everyone a nickname. Is this something you do, too? And if yes, is there any reason behind it?  
Yes, it is EXACTLY something I do all the time.  It’s more fun to talk about people when they have nicknames.  Most people at my job have nicknames too.  It just makes things more casual and creates a better environment.  I think people can bond when they have secret nicknames for things.

7) The way your characters actually meet is a bit strange and a dangerous situation...would you ever do the same in such a moment or not? Or have you ever done similar? Or not? Can you elaborate?  
I would never take a stranger in my car because I’m completely neurotic and paranoid in real life.  Had it happened to me, I would have given him money and tried to call him a taxi or something.  I try to set up my characters to meet in strange situations and see how they go from there.  Since it’s fiction, I can pretty much do whatever I want.

8)On a subject of racing cars...the details you put in your descriptions...did you do a research on it or do you practice yourself the magic of the speed rush?  
I love cars and come from a family of mechanics.  I did google around a bit to make sure my descriptions were accurate.  Much like Izzy, I’m a bad driver in real life!

9) What is your dream car?  
I would absolutely take the Chevelle that Ant was driving.  That’s a beautiful car!

10) Is Dane your type of an ideal man? Or maybe Spider?  
Spider is too full of angst for my taste.  I like Dane a lot better.  He’s protective and alpha, yet easy-going and has a funy side.  And his tattoos are HOT!

11) Izzy’s friends the girls are almost the opposite of each other. Do they carry a little piece of you or are they your outlet only?  
Izzy’s friends are actually based on two of my friends. They’re complete opposites, yet we all get along extremely well.

12) Will there be a story on Winter and Spider?  
I would like to do that one day.  I have two spin off novels planned for each of my first books.  However, my brain keeps coming up with different ideas.  I have to go where my conscience leads me. 

13) You left your epilogue a bit aloof and can we expect more?  
I would like to do a book about Monica and one about Winter. 

14) Who else will be getting their own story? Stacey and Ant maybe?  
Stacey and Ant were only meant to be very minor characters, but I ended up liking them more and expanded their parts.  I don’t see them having a full story, just being mentioned in any more books in the series.

15) What about Monica? Will she be getting her HEA?  
I would love to write a story about her and I already have her love interest picked out.  All my characters get their I’m sure she will too!

The interview arranged and conducted by Abby and Snow.
June 22, 2016

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