Thursday, June 23, 2016

Snow's Review: Ten of Two by Crow Gray via Goodreads

Ten of TwoTen of Two by Crow Gray

4 lustful stars

This book could stand for ANYone's guilty at least one of the ten stories featured...

There's nothing revolutionary coming out of my review here cause simply you need to experience the words written by yourself...

This collection of 10 short but extremely erotical and explicit in content stories speak for themselves actually, where the sexual subjects and objects between two consenting adults are explored, revived and intensified.

Each of the stories brings the new experience in a sense

and the extent of them is the final result where you'll probably end up looking and feeling like this

stunned in a "whoa" way

a lil bit more amazed

maybe a bit embarrassed

but mostly turned on with whiplashes inside and out

Of all the stories presented in this book my personal fave is called "THE GRADE" - a "forbidden" type of the sexual encounter BUT simply because there was MORE displayed in the shortage of pages then in some long length novels I have read...there's essence, and there's essence with a final touch of humor that was the actual turning point that prevailed and made all the difference.

well, just for that one alone, I'd give an A *wink*

Right on!

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