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Interview with JP Uvalle

An Interview with  JP Uvalle  an  upcoming author with a debut novel Hidden Souls: Resurrection of Sin
Hello and nice to have you here with us!
Lets meet the talent behind the name of  JP Uvalle.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?
No, I'm shy! Please don't make me talk about myself. LOL. JK. I'm just an ordinary girl, living in a paranormal world...inside my head that is.

2. You have graduated with an Associate's degree in Applied Science and Technology, does that experience help you in your writing aspirations or you are determined to keep this field of expertize from your imagination? 
Yes, It did help, actually. One of the requirements for obtaining my degree, was to take a technical writing class. Back then, I absoulutely hated that class. I've always been a creative person, and in that class, there was no room to be colorful. And to be honest, I struggled throughout the entire course – there were too many strict guidelines set upon me. I'm not one to follow rules, especially when it comes to writing. But now, I look back, and I appreciate and the writing skills I'd learned from it, because I am capable of writing a proper sentence. Sometimes...ha!

3. I also came to know that you work as an ICU technician in Highlands Ranch, Colorado at an emergency/specialty hospital. Can you tell us something about that? What does that involve?
As an technician in general, you are: the communicater between the vet and the client, the primary care-taker, the phramacist, the lab technician, the x-ray technician, the maid, the surgery scrub nurse, and the pet advocate. That's just a handful  of responsibitlties tagged on to the title “veterinary technicican.“  We do a lot more than what most people realize. And, being a ICU technican on top of that, is an rewarding and depressing job all at once. On the daily, I see some heart-breaking cases.  And, eventhough our team does everything in their power to save an animal's life, sometimes there's nothing you can do. You learn quick, you can't save them all. You have to have thick skin, in order to survive in this field, because there will be days when you're so emotionally and physically drained, you'll want to give up. But then, you remember...Fluffy - a dog who survived  a bizarre skin-eating infection (which turned out to be a brown-recluse bite) despite all odds. It makes all worth it. Reminds you why you became a technician in the first place.

4. Who is really JP Uvalle, the writer?
I'm just a good-hearted soul, who enjoys the simple things in life. Yet, there are times I welcome a little spontaneity.

5. What do your initials stand for?
J- Jina. P-psst...I aint telling you. And, U...well, you already know (pronounced: ooh-va-yay).

6. How did you decide this would be your pen name as we know it?
Well, my friend, Deb told me early on, I was the next  J. K. Rowling. Not possible, but okay, I'll roll with it. So, one day I was like, why not just be  J. P. Uvalle. Bam!

7. When did you first start writing? And when did it become the real thing?
I dabbled in a little writing in high school. I remember when my childhood friend and I wrote our own version of  I Know What You Did Last Summer, and read/acted out the scenes, while we recorded it on her cassette player. Damn, wish I still had the type; it was hilarious! Hmm...idea for a future novel maybe ;)
I also, wrote  poems here and there. But, It all became a realistic dream for me when, I had finshed writing my first draft of Hidden and I showed it to my mother-in-law. She said it was really good, and thought I should look in to publishing. So, I ran with the idea and never looked back.

8. What made you start writing?
We fell upon some hardship after our daughter was born. I  even had to cut my hours to part-time, in order to spend more time with her.  I was not transitioning well. And with the extra free time,  I began reading more and more; it gave me a place to escape from my troubles, and it reminded me how much I loved the beauty behind well-written words. I then downloaded a writing app onto my phone. And once I started writing, I couldn't stop. I was addicted. It was a way to get all the words out of my head.
Writing saved me from myself. I was in a dark place, and I no longer wanted to be there.

9. When do you find time to write?
I try to write every day, whether it's on my phone or on my laptop.

10. Do you have any writing rituals? If yes, can you describe them?
Sometimes, I do yoga before I write. Especially, if i'm feeling stressed out. Helps me focus.

11. What does your family say about your writing?
My family members are my biggest supporters.

12. Do you really separate your „real life“ persona from „the writer“ in you or are they one and the same?
I try to keep it separate but it can be difficult at times, because I want my readers to get to know me on a more personal level. I feel they do respond better an author that way. But, I'm pretty much the same. All though, I tend to be more outgoing on social media than I am in person. I told you I was shy!

13. How did you decide on the subject you would write about?
That is mostly what I like to read and watch. I'm a huge Vampire Diaries fan – the books, and the tv series.

14. Would you consider writing in a different genre? If yes, in which one? Why?
I would like to branch out into horror one day. I love horror movies, and Stephen King is one of my favorite authors; I think it'll be fun to write.

15. How did the world of Hidden Souls come to life?
I keep a dream journal – my dreams tend to be very vivid. Plus, I often had nightmares as a child. So basically, my worst nightmares + my wild imagination = Hidden Souls.

16. Can you tell us in short about the Hidden Souls? What is it about?
What it really comes down to is souls. We are all connected, and everything we do affects the world around us. And eventhough you can't see the changes right away, doesn't mean they're not happening.

17. Where did you find the inspiration to write about the mysterious world of tribal legends, mystic, cult...
I find inspiration in everything.

18. How did you do your research?
I read books on the subject matter, took notes, and search the web.

19. I was curious and went to research on Sinthos LOL, and what I found was a reference to a Indus River - an Asian river that rises in Tibet and flows through northern India and then southwest through Kashmir and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea; "the valley of the Indus was the site of an early civilization. So, does Sinthos exist beyond your written word? Does he have a „backgroud“ in any true/false legends or is he solely a product of your imagination?
I came up with the name on my own - without prior research. I wanted his name to be unqiue, becuase “Sin“ was just too boring. So, I decided to add “ thos“ at the end. And just like you, I was curious if there was someone or something with that name already. I had discovered the information on the River. It was perfect. A sign it was meant to be, because water can transform into just about him.

20. Do you believe in spirits? Spiritual world?

21. While reading your book, I found very intriguing the whole spectre of your imagination. The details in which you have described the scenes were so vivid and authentic, where did you draw out the images from? Was it completely from your mind or was it a compilation of gathered images from all around, TV, pictures, books...
Mostly from my imagination and dreams. I find that it's much easier to find your muses first, and then, start writing about them. A picture can capture a thousand words; they're are just waiting to be told.

22. At times I truly felt overwhelmed with events and sometimes it kinda felt did you keep track on all those details and not getting overwhelmed yourself?
I don't know if it's because I am a Gemini, but  I tend not to get overwhelmed easily; I'm used to dealing with the inner chaos, ha!

23. The inspiration for your characters came from____________?
The people in my life I find intriging.

24. Are there any of your own characteristics in Xandra, the heroine in your story?
I do see a lot of myself in Xandra, for sure. I also, took some characteristics from the strong women I know personally, to round out her personality. I wanted Xandra to have many layers.

25. And Liam? Is there a Liam in „real life“? *wink* If there is, wow, can you say hi for me *waves*  LOL
I guess, Liam is a combination of Ian Somerhalder and my husband, maybe ;)

26. The book ends with a question mark, when can we expect the sequel?
Descendants of Arcos. August 2016

27. Would you like to send out a message to the future readers for the conclusion of this interview? Give it a shout! *wink*
Thank you, Snow for putting together such an amazing interview. I really enjoyed answering your questions. And, I hope the readers out there got a little more insight into me and the story.
                                                                                             xoxo JP

Thank you so much for participating in this interview.
JP, I wish you a lot of bestselling books in the future. And hopefuly we can repeat this experience. Pretty soon J

Interview arranged and conducted by Snjezana (Snow).

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