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Snow's Review: Nights in the Fast Lane by Grace Risata via Goodreads

Nights in the Fast LaneNights in the Fast Lane by Grace Risata
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I honestly cant give more than 3 stars...

The story, being nothing new, nothing that hasnt already been written about- two souls different in character, that found each other on the opposite sides of fortune they engage into the unlikely "friendship"...that slowly turns into appreciation and relationship...while they find themselves each in themselves and in each other...fighting insecurities, doubts, differencies in character, pov, backgrounds...and what else not...

Said like this...it s nothing surprising or revolutionary in the presented subject...so the only thing that could have made this book different from other books out there, would have been the writing style

Unfortunately, the author had a great desire to express it all at once mixing humour, drama, romance and action into one melting pot...but it only ended up being just a huge mix.

The characterisation was lacking in connection...i could not relate to the h/H, individualy or them together, they just didnt seem believable to me. I could not sympathize with them and their past stories and i didnt connect...which made all the difference for me in further engagement into the story.

Mostly, what i didnt like was the way they acted...they were in their mid 20s and they acted like kids with tantrums and lets just say most of the times i thought they were immature. Their dialogues were awkward and incoherent and at times it really put me off questioning- wth?

The pacing of the storytelling was kinda slow which made the book seemingly look "too long"...

This book had all the ingridients to be an excellent thrive and thrill in portrayal of a romance in an unconventional surroundings but instead it was merely a romance attempt filled with layers of every possible "odd" to pump the "happenings" but it was awkwardly pulled together.

It could have been a beautiful story instead of barely average. But that doesnt mean this book wont find its public cause i am sure it will it just unfortunately happens i wasnt one of them.

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