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Review: After by Anna Todd via Goodreads

After (After, #1)After by Anna Todd
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ -My Life Will Never Be The Same After (Him)- Stars


I read AFTER months ago before I join GR. And I realized that I didnt write a review for this book. I NEED to write a review about it here. Well, here it goes...

This review will be about all four books in this serial and I will not give any spoiler so do not worry about that. But know that After was written as a fanfiction. And it was my first fanfic read. I was not sure about reading it. But it sucked me into it. Published verison is so much better...

“My life before him was so simple and decided, now after him...It's just...After.”

After is a story of Hardin Scott and Tessa Young.

Story begins with Tessa's first day at college. She is getting a dorm room with a roommate who is so different from her. Tessa is the good girl. She has everything in order. But that first day of college changes her life. Better or worse? You will decide.


That first day she doesnt meet only with her roommate,Steph, she also meets with Steph's two friends...One of them is Hardin Scott.
Hardin Scott...Tattooed, pierced, bad-boy who doenst give a flying fu*k about anything or anyone.
She hates him and He hates her. But something about this is pulling them together. Like gravity, they dont have any power on it.
After starts with this clishe. But I dont think it continues as clishe.


AFTER is about opposites...Their relationship has UP and Downs, Love and Hate, Happiness and overwhelming sadness,Hot and Cold, Trust and Betrayal...

Hardin is one of my fictional boyfirends. But he has issues. Tons of them. He is difficult. To be honest; He is an a-hole most of the time. But he has that place in my heart with his black-throne and he doesnt leave that place no matter what.

After may not be perfect book. But it guarantees that you will feel what Tessa and Hardin feel. It will promise you an emotional and deep read. In AFTER series...Hardin Scott and Tessa Young are well-created characters. And Anna Todd writes with her heart. That's why this book is good.


AFTER is really important book for me. It is like AFTER and the others. It is not because this is well-written or undoubtedly perfect. It is because this book saved me. Let me enlighten how...I had an operation more than two years ago. A big one. It was traumatizing. I was kinda depressed-you dont talk anyone and dont want to do anything kind- And I decided to looking for books on Wattpad. I found AFTER. After I had started to read it, I wasnt same anymore. I was rescued. I wanted to wake up and keep reading. I forgot my own problems while I was reading theirs...
So...You may not love that book as much as I do. But I promise you that you will feel.
Hope you guys can give a chance to this book and like it.

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