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Review: Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher via Goodreads

Dirty Red (Love Me with Lies, #2)Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 -I'll share my husband with another woman, again- Stars

I really dont like myself not to read these books before. They are messing with my head, emotions and words...In the most delicious-perfect way.

This book...I was so ready to not like this book, really. I tried so hard not to like it. Yet, here I love with the book.
I still dont understand how I can love a book about someone I dont like even a bit. But I did even sympathized her! Can you believe that?

Tarryn Fisher knows how to write real characters with real problems, real reasons and that makes her books real, a part of life...The most imprtant a part of your heart and soul...

Generally, books have some villains and they stay that way in the books. Till the very end. You won't sympathize them or like them. You want them dead or in jail or something. You dont say: "Yes, I still don't like you but I understand you"

Well, Dirty Red is an exception.

Tarryn Fisher shows you that noone is total villain. Everyone has reasons and motives to do bad things. And she even says noone is total goodness. Even the perfect person has issues and does something bad or stupid.

Sounds familiar? Sounds real? Yep, it is.


Leah gives birth her child but she doesnt like her, she cannot even hold her or feed her naturally. Her lack of interest in the baby causes her problems with her husband, Caleb.

Leah and Caleb's relationship is at the edge of the cliff. It always has been.

"The absolute worst thing about love; no matter how hard you tried you could never forget the person who had your heart"

Now, Caleb has someone who loves...his baby.
He has someone who he doesn't love the way he should...his wife.
And he has someone who he can never forget, who has his whole heart...Olivia.

With a husband like that, Leah's heartless behavior for her daughter makes everything worse and makes their realtionship jump off from that cliff.

Johanna Leah Smith doesn't know love, doesn't feel love or doesn't feel loved. Until him. Until Caleb. Now, she loves obsessively and she fights dirty.

"My name is Leah and I will do anything to keep my husband"

I still dont like Leah, I still dont want her to have Happily Ever After. But if you love someone the way she does and that person loves someone else...Well, it must be hard. But she creates her own hurt by herself.

This book reveals some secrets..Both from Caleb and Leah. The bomb Leah blew at the end was totally perfect twist. It shows just how dirty she fights. How manipulative she is...

Now I just cant wait to listen Thief...with that British accent of Caleb. And I really want a HEA for Olivia and Caleb.

I loved listening this book. These books are addicting. I can say Tarryn Fisher is one of my favorite author. So from now on she is an auto-buy-author for me. No matter what she writes, I will read it.

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