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Review: The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown via Netgalley

The Lessons (Off-Limits, #1)The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4- Teach me how, Doc- Stars!

When I saw this book was about Sex Surrogates...Well, I needed to read it. Cause I knew it would be fun and hot. I wasn't wrong.


Natalie Reese likes everything in order. She wants her life like she'd planned. But life is a tricky bitch who likes to play with people's plans.

Natalie is far behind her plan. Because eventhough she is thirty, she is still virgin. And she decided to take control of her life.

She moves from New York to San Francisco. She is in new city with a new job and determined to succeed on her Plan. But first she needs to fix "the problem", her virginity. She cannot even date anyone because of this "problem". Even with the hot guy from library: Ryan Andrews.

To fix her situation she decides to have a sex surrogate and that sex surrogate of her happens to be the hot Ryan Andrews...

"Good or bad?"


Ryan and Natalie are so good together. They are funny and hot. Their chemistry is palpable. But they need to be professional together. They need to keep everything clinical. It is not that easy, though.

Ryan Andrews has troubled past and fucked-up family. He is good at keeping his emotions under control and keeping it all professional. But with Natalie...It is easier said than done.

"I'd never wanted something, someone, so much in my life. I'm not ever going to make that mistake again. You make me so happy; you make me laugh."

Natalie is smart, successful in business but alone even she is good-looking. She is inexperienced but eager at the same time. She cuss a lot one minute the other she doesn't like to hear word "breast".


Ryan and Natalie have so much in common. From their taste in the music to their taste in the pizza. They also familiar to the family drama or lack of it.

They were hilarious together. When I read them, I couldnt erase the smile on my face. Especially, Natalie's inner voice. Her mind works really...umm, fun. Do you need some examples?

"Hi, just me. Just thinking about that thing you did. You know, your lips on my v"
"Hey Andrews, thanks for the O."
"Glad to know you're a Leo. Wanna roar in my vagina?"

Got the picture? No? Okay, here you go, then...

Dear God, please don't let me pass out.
I started to imagine the set of headlines:
UnSexed Virgin Dies En Route To Her Deflowering
"We were so close" says surrogate

Is it enough? Good...Now, where were we?

Oh, right...I also love their relationship changes from professional to friend and than more. To be honest, I am not sure if they were ever professional but atleast they were trying to be.


Beside from Ryan and Natalie...I like friends of Ryan even they were came to the story a few times.
While I was reading book, I didnt like Lisa or Paulina from the first moment of the book. And I wasnt so sure about Brad, either. I still cannot decide whether I like him. But there is one person I like except Ryan and Natalie and it is Josh. He was so cute. I really like him.

The Lessons gives you what it promised: Hot scenes with humor, a little drama and a good read. It was a hot snack for fun and a light read.
If you want to read something light and something make you smile dont hesitate to choose this book.

Final Note: I can totally have a Ryan "Doc" Andrews. He is a total babe!!

*ARC provided via Netgalley*

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