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Review: Raw by Belle Aurora via Goodreads

Raw (RAW Family, #1)Raw by Belle Aurora
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ -I'll do bad things to you- Stars!

I want to start with "thank yous"

First, my special thanks need to go to Hulya who is practically harassing me to read this book. I'm so glad you did that, really. Thank you for your recommendation and to introduce me with this raw man Twitch. Lots of kisses to you, bestie!!

And one more thanks to lovely Christy. Thank you so much for your tips about designing images. The best teacher ever!! xx


"You're hurt."
"I'm always hurt."
"You're hurt."
"Noone cares if I'm hurt."

Now, now, now...

As always I didnt know what I should expect from this book. I love to start reading books totally blind. That's why I didnt read any reviews or so. But the cover of this book was enough for me to be excited.

"Don't listen to your heart. Your heart is a moron."

Isn't it so fascinating?
Changing that common sense about listening your heart, I knew at the first second Raw would be different. And it was...


Alexa Ballentine has a stalker since she can remember. He is always watching her unedr his hoodie. He doesn't acknowledge her. He is just there, everywhere.

If it's not Lexi, another person would probably report him. But Lexi doesn't. Because something about him makes her feel safe.
Strange? Doesn't cover it.


Twitch is a complicated character. He hates labels and I think he is right. Because there is no label to describe him. He has too many layers in his personality.

He is addictive but obsessive at the same time. Everything can become an addiction to him.

"I'm an addiction?"
"The worst one. There's no cure for that addiction."

He is selfish. He gets what he wants and doesn't take no as an answer.

"The thing is, I'm selfish. And I don't give a fuck about what I deserve. All I care about is what I want. And I want you so fuckin' bad that I'd do almost anything to keep you."

He is possesive, cruel and so sure of himself.

"Noone touches you. You got that? As long as I want you, noone else gets you and after I'm done with you....You'll be forever unsatisfied. Noone will ever take care of you the way I can. The way I know you want it."

He is also so insecure. He has doubts. He doesn't know if he is worty of love.

If you promise to never leave me, I will love you. And be good to you. I'll treat you like a queen."

And he is also dangerous.

"You wanna know why I keep my door locked at night?
To protect people outside of it from me."

I was talking with my friend about RAW. She told me what I already knew. She said that I fell in love with troubled and dangerous characters all the time. It is right. Because I love to see them struggle, see them change.
Raw gave me all those things.

Raw was dark and twisted. But also romantic in a wicked way.

And this book was hot. Lexi and Twitch together was like a bomb. It is disturbingly hot. It may not be for everyone but this book was totally for me.
Who knows belt can be so erotic? I'm sure I'll never look belts the way I used to.


"He thinks of everybody as nobody. If you don't give up on him, he'll make you somebody."
"You're nobody till somebody loves you"

Finally I can say that I love this book so much. And cannot wait to read second book: Dirty.
If you didnt read it yet...READ IT!

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