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Review: The Truth About Him by Molly O'Keefe via Goodreads

The Truth About Him (Everything I Left Unsaid, #2)The Truth About Him by Molly O'Keefe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 -bedrock- Stars

The Truth Abouh Him is taking the story from where Everything I Left Unsaid left.

Annie and Dylan have lots of secrets and lots of obstacles in front of them. In this book Annie and Dylan faught against the world together but at the same time they were at war with themselves.

“I wanted to fuck her and protect her all at the same time. I wanted to keep her and push her away. I was everything in opposites, and I felt torn apart by her.”

The Truth About Him was a quick read. This book keeps your attention from the first page of the book. The first book had great sexual tension and was a great start for their stories. But this second book was more different than the first one. There was more action, more danger and so much more emotion in this book.

“Family, Love. Forgiveness. Those were powerful things.”

To be honest, when I started to read this duo I didnt expect to love it that much. But this book surprised me in a good way.


I loved Annie's and Dylan's characters.
Annie was a woman who tries to find herself, her soul. She was trying to understand her needs, her wants, her opportunities and her body. She started to set herself free for her feelings. She was used to control her feelings but now after Dylan she found herself.

Dylan had lots of family drama. He buried every feelings, every emotions, every regrets and every anger inside him. But with Annie he started to feel again. He found the things he buried inside him. The emotions was pouring out of him and he tried to deal with this storm.


There was lots of danger...Because of their pasts, because of families.

In The Truth About Him, Annie and Dylan tried to figure out themselves but at the same time tried to stay away from danger. Tried to protect who they loved.

This book was a good conclusion for their story. I loved how story flowed easily. The dangerous scenes, the easy scenes, the emotional scenes and the sex scenes...Everything was well-written in the book. Nothing was much and nothing was less. Everything was the way it should.


I highly recommend this duo everyone. From the one who loves emotional read to one who loves smutty reads. This book will satisfy everyone.

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