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Abby's ARC Review: Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters via Goodreads

Unseen MessagesUnseen Messages by Pepper Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4,5 -Messages, Fate or Destiny?- Stars

The newest book of Pepper Winters was totally different from her previous works. I didn't know what to expect about this book, cause I went it blind, again.

Unseen Messages was like a modern Robinson Crusoe. But it is so much then that.
This book is about bad times, worse times and worst times.
This book is about good, better and the best times of life.
This book is about survival.

Estelle Evermore was song writer and a new singer. She was so relieved to turn back home after a tour. But bad luck didn't give her any space. She realised there were messages all around her. But, how can you listen them when you're not sure of the meanings of those messages?

Estelle thought she listened them...And maybe she did?

Galloway Oak was the man who carries the burden of the past, who lived through the consequences of his actions. He was broken in a way but searching for a hope to get rid of the guilt he felt.


"Once within a song, a music lover and a broken man fell from the sky. It changed their lives forever..."

Unseen Messages was not about only survival. It was the story of finding yourself, figuring out what you want from life and it was about appreciating the simplicity of life.

Unseen Messages was a long book and it has slow pace. But instead of being boring, that made the book more real. That made the struggle of the characters natural.
I loved the characters in the book so much. Especially the kids.
The kids in the story were the key, in my opinion. They were the hope, the reason to continue and purpose to be strong.

“I crash landed to find him . I fell from the sky to know him. I died a mortal death to be worthy of him. I am reborn because of him. “If rescue never comes, know I didn’t need it. If help never arrives, know I didn’t want it. If we die here together, be happy knowing this was our destiny. “Don’t find us. Don’t mourn us. Don’t weep for us. Because we were the lucky ones, the chosen ones, the only ones for each other.”

This book was an emotional read and it was lyrical in usual Pepper Winters' style. It was romantic, sometimes overwhelming and sometimes hopeless. But in a way, this book gave me some real feelings. I'm still hurting for a specific reason.
And in the end...I questioned what I'm expecting from life.

Luxury, success, chaos, schedules, big city....Are they really so important?

"ONCE WITHIN A song, a girl had everything stripped away in an instant. But in nothing, she found the value of something far more precious."

In short, if you have no problem with slow paced books and ready to read a story about survival, then go for it.

Advance Reading Copy is provided by author, Pepper Winters, in exchange for an honest review.

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