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Snow's Review: Anything To Sing by Crow Gray via Goodreads

Anything To SingAnything To Sing by Crow Gray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 "absolutely dirty coaching" stars

review to CUM *snicker* and it came...

Dear God, this was dirty, like son of a bitch dirty, gritty, sexual...just pow, bam, wow, slam...kinda dirty.
And that was HAWT.

Rose Fill wants to make it in music world, she's got the voice, she's got the body BUT somehow she 's not knocking on the big door of success yet. And she thinks she's at the crossroads of change. Somethings gotta give. Her manager makes the call and sets a meeting with her only chance of making it big, Victor Castle/b> – a man from the shadows of the music production, a man with big connections and even more notoriously unconventional training methods used in the process of making someone a STAR.

And what Rose agrees to would set her on the course of releasing her inner slutness, letting go of her sexual inhibitions and discovering what was hidden deep inside of her cause as her mind is set from the start, she would do absolutely ANYTHING to sing....even if it means falling even deeper during the process.

“You're gonna go far, Rose. You're gonna be a fucking star.“

The „promise“ can't be achieved by merely saying the words, but through the training process that undergoes through various liberating stages of coaching:

#1 - Mental excerise

 photo fbf39db2-bde2-4c43-8cf5-dee7841534ae_zpsbec74spb.png
“I want you to play and sing a song, and don't stop no matter what. I mean it, no matter what.“

#2 – BDSM lession
“If a performer could keep her cool enough to continue singing during a BDSM session, then she would be capable of keeping herself under control regardless of any stress she was put under.

...there's a fine line between pleasure and pain, and sometimes the line is blurred.

I'm going to take you on a ride, but promise to bring you back safely. Trust me.
Even when you feel you can't go on, you have to give it all for your fans. You have to do that one last encore.

#3 – Endurance and practice in order to connect with the female audience

„That's it, Rose, let yourself go. Connect with another female. That's it.“

#4 – „release your inner slut“
“Rose, that was your final test. I wanted to see if you could inleash your inner slut, and I new multiple men could get it out of you. Congratulations, you are officially a cumslut.“

And even when Victor had his reservation of letting himself go completely, taking his time in separation and in denayal of comitting to Rose fully, in the end, they both came through in realisation:

“Victor, you have trained me for success. Now, I want you to train me for you.“

I will shape and mold you as much as you wish to bend, but I only want the part of you given freely. I dont want to change you, I just want to release what you have inside.

“We are an unbeatable team, and together, there's nothing we can't do.“

This was a second book I have read by Crow Gray and I am slowly learning to regain power in this realm of sexual expressionism. This author writes explicitly, clearly and directly hitting the core of sexual heat and desire, making you dwell upon your own hidden inhibitions...

Even if I have come *cough* short on the „romance“ development in the story, i very much enjoyed the whole process of Rose's training towards her stardoom. It was extremely steamy, dirty hot and gritty and surprisingly educational.

Recommended to anyone who wants to experience the above mentioned qualities.

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