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Abby's Review: Forced Series Box Set by Celia Aaron via Goodreads

Forced Series Box Set: Books 1-5Forced Series Box Set: Books 1-5 by Celia Aaron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ Intelligently Arousing Stars

Forced Series Box Set has 5 extremely hot short novellas.
They were full of forbidden, kinky, dirty stories. BUT...They had more than that. Each story has their own twists. They were crafted beautifully and intelligently.

Celia Aaron managed to surprise me even with short stories.
These stories were more different than all I've read. These novellas have plot, twist and character improvement in a way.

All I can say is: Celia Aaron knows what she's doing.

1) Forced by the Kingpin

It's between Jessica, Jackson and Alexi. Jessica is a journalist who writes about the mobster in the city. And when she wrote something so close to the truth...Well, she needs some lessons from hot mobster Alexi and the police officer Jackson.

2) Forced by the Professor

Who can say no to the forbidden story between a teacher and a student?
Especially, if I assure you that it is HOT.
Ms. Finnegan is puhing all the wrong(or maybe right) buttons of Professor Stevens. And that brought us hot sex with a pleasurable twist ;)

3) Forced by the Hitmen

When you opened your eyes two men are waiting for you, kidnapping you. And with some luck, they give you the best sex ever! Umm...Should this be a bad situation?
This short story was my fav in all 5. Since I love them all, I think this must be something, right?

4) Forced by the Step-brother

Step-sibling relationship, some D/s actions, stripper, club...Do I need to say more?
It was hot and quick read. But I wanted more in this novella. Something was missing in this one. Maybe after reading all three stories with unexpected twists I was hoping more.
But surely, this one was very enjoyable.

5) Forced by the Quarterback

The best friend of the brother, secret fantasies and lots of lust...And a twist...
Celia Aaron found a way to put so many things in a short story and I loved her for it! This one was the last novella in the boxset and it was equally hot!

I didn't sleep till 4 am in the morning to finish this box set and it was worth it!
If you're after smartly created hot read go for it! This has five instead of one ;)

Copy is provided by the author, Celia Aaron <3

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