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Snow's Review: Black Widow by Lauren Runow via Goodreads

Black Widow  (Club Bridge, #1)Black Widow by Lauren Runow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3, 75 (un)HOLY SMOKIN stars

Kamii is a defense lawyer, burried into her work, driven by the guilt for the events that ended her marriage in a tragic way. She has closed herself in the gray shade of non-existence until she meets Becca, a young woman, whose sparky, and sexually open atittude, lights up Kamii's inner unawareness of safely hidden sexual proclivities and desires.

Preston is a man who's hiding behind a mask, wanting release and enjoyment in sexual tastes allowed by the anonimity of highly secretive and secured club Bridge - giving him the emotional detachment he needs to bury his own guilt for the painful past.

Until their eyes meet...the pull and the chemistry even behind masks and false names - Eurydice and Eros find the passion and release into another world where their desires exceed the physical pull and leads them towards the emotional path, they both so eagerly want to avoid.
"You need me just like I need you. Please don't ever push me away."

When the set of events causes the unravel of secrets, their masks are taken off, Kamii and Preston are both faced towards each other on a basic need, desire, affection making them pass the emotional bridge of loneliness...
"You're mine Kamii. I want nothing but you and I'll do anything to make sure I have you. You take my pain away. Let me do the same for you.

BUT there are circumstances that compromise their relationship, the secrets, the betrayal, the pain and the past all colliding at once, turning their lives into havoc of death, crime, lies and survival.

This book is highy erotical, highly exotic almost to say in presenting the world of unhibited sexual desires and it really brought the scenes to the pin point of exclusive sexual expressivness...and I could certainly appreciated that. It starts of with a rush, it throws you into the realm of this sexual masterpiece and than the plot takes of into the twist of suspense and thriller.

That part was predictable for me and some plot lines weren't explained in a satisfying manner that I could fully appreciate the effort of a suspensful thriller. There were just small hints of that genre thrown in the story and I would have been interacting more if that weren't the case.

All in all it was a very pleasurable read.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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