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Abby's Review: The Matriarch by Sloane Howell via Goodreads

The Matriarch: An Erotic Superhero Romance (The Matriarch Trilogy, #1)The Matriarch: An Erotic Superhero Romance by Sloane Howell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ -Batman vs Superman? I'll vote for The Matriarch- Stars

I have no idea what was wrong with me. I should have read this book so much sooner. Why did I wait that long? *Rant is over*

Margaret Madison was happy where she lived, she didn't want to move Golem with her family. Even though she was just a kid, her feelings were right on that case.
This move changed her life, caused her enough loss for a lifetime.

After years of abuse, slavery and the street life she took the control of her life. She ran, she trained.
She wanted to have justice...or revenge?

She became Rebekah Balfour, the beautiful billionaire. She planned her moves, she did everything to be successful. She was a woman on mission. Till she met Cody.

Cody was the street merchant. He was hot, cute and normal. He was everything she'd never had. He was the first man that gave her butterflies, that made her desire more. As trying to do the right thing, she fought with Kiril, the monster, and with Kaos, the anarchy, for her love, her family, her purpose.

The Matriarch is a superhero story with a good amount of romance, erotica, action, fun and drama. This book has everything it should contain. Sloane Howell created a great world with lots of action. He always kept the readers' interest high. This story balanced fucked-upness, strength, love and hope in the best way possible.

The book ends with a cliffhanger and promises so much better for the next book.
I cannot wait to read more about the Matriarch. She was one of the best female heroines in the fictional world. All thanks to her creator, Mr. Howell.

Sloane Howell is simply my favorite male author. I can easily say that.

For this great book I've tried something new. Here is my fanmade trailer for the Matriarch:

The copy is provided by the author, Sloane Howell. Thank you, Sloane! <3 em="">

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