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Abby's Review: Falling Completely by Aidan Willows via Goodreads

Falling Completely (Starling Falls, #1)Falling Completely by Aidan Willows
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4,5-5 "Completely Fallen" Stars

Falling Completely is very fun, warm and light debut novel. I don't know how to describe this book better than that. This book gave me the feeling of home. It was comforting.

Maliya and Annika Abbot decided to move to a small town in US, Starling Falls. Liya couldn't let her sister go across the world alone. She put her plans on hold and moved to the small town, helped her sister to manage with the local bakery.

Being a nurse, Maliya was the first one to jump in when an accident happen in front of the bakery. But she didn't know an accident would give her a different meaning of life. She wouldn't know she would have a life in Starling Falls. But that what happened.
An accident changed her life, gave her some people she would care.

Caleb Jameson had a rough past but he was content with his life, with his big, close-knit family. But, a conclusion gave him the best wake up call he needed.

Caleb and Liya have the chemistry from the first second they saw each other. It was fun, hot, a little awkward and so sweet. I loved their conversations, their struggles, their fight for each other or against each other and their hidden exhibitionism ;)

Falling Completely was full of lovable characters. I don't know which one I loved the best. This book was funny, warm, sincere and hot with enough amount of drama. It was a quick and very enjoyable read.
I always loved close-knit families with bunch of different personas and this book had it. Even though Falling Completely was a story of Liya and Caleb, I was interested the other characters in the book just as much.

Aidan Willows can write about all the characters in the book, from the siblings to Mitchelle and I would gladly read all of them ;)
If you want to read a light book with enough amount of moral code, you should absolutely read this book. I know everyone would find something and someone to love in the story.

I cannot wait to read Nikki's story, Falling Sweetly...
And a big congratulations to Aidan Willows for her beautiful debut novel <3 br="">
Copy kindly provided by the author, Aidan Willows, in exchange for an honest review.

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