Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Release: Cash Remington and The Missing Heiress by Celia Aaron

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I’m the best operator in the entire agency. The plum assignments—always mine. So when an American heiress goes missing, I’m the guy they call to get her back. Rescuing Collette Stanford is my mission. What I do to her after that is purely up to me, as long as she makes it back to the States in one piece. I’ll kill the bad guys, get the girl, and get a little taste of what the heiress has to offer. None of this is negotiable. I’m Cash Remington, and I never miss. 

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Alqaraf!Shit, in Arabic. Arnan waves for the guards on either side to lower their weapons. “Now let her go and you walk away.”
I want to laugh. I never walk away, not until my mission is complete. Technically, my sole mission is to rescue Collette. Killing Arnan is just a bonus I decided on the moment I discovered the extent of his human trafficking endeavors. He’s dead. He just doesn’t know it yet.
“So I let her go, and I walk?” I don’t know how I keep the laughter from my voice.
“Yes. You will leave here untouched. You have my word.”
“Your word?”
“The word of Arnan is unbreakable!” He puffs his chest out even farther and takes a step forward. Pompous prick.
I lower my voice and whisper into Collette’s ear, her lilac scent sinking into my veins like my own personal opium. “Trust me, Collette. When I say duck, you duck.”
A near imperceptible nod from her and I know we’re on the same page. “Okay, Arnan. Because you gave me your word, I’m going to let her go.”
“Yes, yes.” He rubs his hands together.
Collette folds, giving me a clear view. I double tap the Kalashnikov twins, bullets in each heart and head, and grab Collette’s wrist, yanking her backwards into the shelter of the stairwell.
Bullets rip through the air and lodge in the wall and doors. The gunfire is almost deafening, and two thuds sound from where the twins’ bodies hit the deck.
“Who are you?” Collette pants, as I flatten her to the wall beside me. Her skin is like the smoothest silk under my palm. I can’t wait to taste it.
“Cash Remington. CIA. You’re safe now.”

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Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark. Thanks for reading.

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