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Snow's Review: Cash Remington and the Rum Run by Celia Aaron via Goodreads

Cash Remington and the Rum Run (Sexy Dreadfuls #2)Cash Remington and the Rum Run by Celia Aaron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 adventurous stars

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When Cash and his crew of rowdy pirates discover a shipwreck, they take everything they need to go by, every item of worthy to sell, eat or use. What they find is a treasure – a chest of gold and a certain gem. And a girl.

Not knowingly of it's origin a gem leads Cash and his crew into more danger they could've had foreseen, therefore they are encountered with the Kraken, a whirlpool, and a six-headed beast…

And because…

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He never turns his back on a challenge…

That leaves him with a treasure #2 – the girl.
She's addictive, she's young and fresh. She's a flower…to be deflowered…
„I plucked it, sucked it and fucked it.“

But the girl turns out to be more trouble than Cash ever imagined…but despite the lurking danger he plans to have his way with her…cause he is

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This was such a thrilling, fun and exciting novella, a fast paced reading material filled with action, adventure, sex all intertwined in a poised way with elements of the Greek mithology phenomenally mixed with humor in dialogues…

My fave being the curses Cash spits out…
Fuck you, you bloated bollocks-eating son of a whore's diseased cunt.
Fuck a mermaid in the sodding arse.

Extremely entertaining read that I have enjoyed in every word and every second of it.
Celia, bravo, once again!

I had an abso-fuckin-lutely blast on this journey with Cash Remington - the pirate!

Can't wait to see where he'll take me next...

ARC is kindly given by the author, Celia Aaron in exchange for an honest review

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