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Abby's Review: Bang(Black Lotus#1) by E. K. Blair via Goodreads

Bang (Black Lotus, #1)Bang by E.K. Blair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ Bang bang shot me down Stars

Bang was on my TBR for so long and like all those great books I haven't read yet, it was haunting me to read it. My first book by E.K. Blair was total win. I knew this book would hurt me and it would be emotional but nothing would prepare me for this book.

Nina Vanderwal was a polished woman, the queen of the Chicago society . She was married with a man every woman desired, yet she was the only woman her husband set his eyes on. He was in love with her and they were magazine-like couple.

I was never safe, and this world hurt me beyond what I ever thought a human could be hurt.

Declan McKinnon was the owner of Lotus, the new, exquisite hotel. He felt the pull toward someone he should have stayed away. Yet, he couldn't stay away. He fell, he became a pawn. But at the same time he became the shelter, the sanctuary, the power of safety.

The heart is a weapon-a self-inflicting weapon- that if not trained properly, can destroy a person.

Pike was the constant reminder of past . He was the past, the present and the future. He was the family, a bond which hard to break, a wittness of all the bad things and the anchor.

The truth they keep from you as a small child, allowing you to believe that fairytales are real...but they aren't. And neither is magic.

And then, there was Elizabeth Archer. She was brilliant and full of hate. She was strong yet so weak inside. She was one of the most complicated heroines I have ever read. She was the devil yet an angel. She was lost...

Bang was a roller-coaster. I cannot find the right words to describe my feelings as I read it. This book was like a dagger to my heart.
I felt the pain, sorrow, helplessness.
I felt the love, hate, anger.
In this book, I lost my hope, found it, just to lose it again.

Bang was an addicting read, I couldn't put it down. I was angry myself that I didn't read that book sooner but now, I'm glad I've read it now. Because the waiting would be crazy for me.

If you want to read painfully captivating story this book is THAT book.

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