Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan via Goodreads

Archer's VoiceArcher's Voice by Mia Sheridan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ -Deafening-Silent-Screams Stars

Give me a few moments to hate myself for not read this book earlier. This book is a treasure.

This was the first time I have read a book from Mia Sheridan and she became one of my favorite. There is no such word to describe this book. It is sweet, sexy, emotional, funny and so much more. So much more that no "spoken" words can describe. But maybe Archer...Maybe he can describe it.

Because I totally Archer this book.


This book is so different from what I used to read. Archer Hale is so much different from what I thought I love in men.

Billionare, alpha-male, husky voice, self-confident, know-them-all, done-that-been-there kind of guys...You know them, right?
Now, forget them all. There is more here. There is Archer Hale.

Archer Hale is sweet, inexperienced, using his insurance for living, silent, insecure...He is total opposite of we used to. But he is everything a girl can want at the same time.


Archer Hale lives his life isolated. Everyone knows he is there but noone cares enough to know the real him. He ignores people in town and they ignores him as well. Such a waste!

When Archer was a seven years old boy, he met cruelty of life and it didnt just traumatized him, it left scar on him. There was a damage on his voice box so he cannot speak anymore. Silence took him away...

Until her. Until Bree Prescott.


Bree Prescott is in a short road trip. Atleast that is what she says if you ask her. But the truth is she is running away. From her life, from her loss, from her own issues.
One day she makes a wish with a dandelion. And her wish comes true when a strange, silent but mystery man came to the view.

Archer's Voice is hard to review. Because this book is full of emotion. This book was real. This book makes me question life and our prejudices toward people who is different than us.

But I think we will see so much more if only we can shut up and listen. If only we can look inside.

Bree does this for Archer but Archer does same for Bree, too. These two lost souls save each other. They face fears together or wait for each other when the other needs to fight alone.


Bree and Archer dont need any words spoken out loud. They have silence communication which is much better and deeper than anything.


I love so much Archer and Bree's story and so glad that I read this book, finally. This book is not something you can read and feel nothing. This book is a MUST-READ.

Archer's Voice captivates you from the first page of the book. And with every page it just steadies its place in your heart.

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