Friday, October 16, 2015

Review: Dirty Bad Strangers by Jade West via Goodreads

Dirty Bad Strangers (Dirty Bad, #3)Dirty Bad Strangers by Jade West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4,5- I have no regrets- Stars!

When you are reading something really dirty, kinky and hot you have a hard time to rate it. I mean it is sex...Dirtiest, filtiest sex and fantasies...So you need to rate the sex then? Well...I did.

I didnt read the first two of Dirty Bad Series. But I can say that I love this one and will read the others later.

Dirty Bad Strangers is the dirtiest book I have ever read and to be honest I have no regret. It was hot and fun.


Gemma Taylor is a chatline operator girl who loves her job. She is a chubby girl and comfortable in her own skin. I loved her for that. She is confident enough and doesnt hide in a shell. She is sweet, caring and real.

Beside from these...She has fantasies, dirty fantasies. And one day, one call of her fulfills her all fantasies. They share same fantasies, same needs.


Jason Redfern...Tall, dark, atlethic ;) He is a football player in a Premier League. He has a beautiful wife, gorgeous mansion and a perfect name in football. He has it all? Nope. Because they are all fake. He is sick of these lies and fake life.
One day he calls a chatline, another fake of his life...But unexpectedly this becomes the most real thing in his life.

I love reading Dirty Bad Strangers. Gemma, Jason, Cara, Raven, Tessa...I love these characters in the book. The storyline was good enough. It wasnt so deep, it wasnt forced.
Jade West knows that this book is for fun and doesnt need to create drama more than necessary.


In a nutshell...This is not a masterpiece, this is not about the theory of existence or something like that. This is about sex and dirty fantasies. This is about accepting yourself with all your dirty little secrets. And it is totally for fun.
So...This book fulfills all the purposes. There was a few moments that can be turn-off (view spoiler) but other than that this book is a big turn-on.


But remember that: This book is not for good girls. So please take this warning into consideration.

And dont forget: Being good is overrated.
Be naughty,
Read smutty, xo

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