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Review: Three, Two, One by J. A. Huss via Goodreads

Three, Two, One (321)Three, Two, One by J.A. Huss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ -Trinity- Stars!!!

I have finished to read this book two days ago but I didnt know how to write a review about this book. I opened this page several times to write a review but didnt know what to write so just shut it again. Every time.
Actually, after two days I still dont know how to describe it or what I'm feeling. So I will just write what I am thinking and I am sure this review will be confusing cause my feelings are...

Well, first of all I can easily say that This book is not for everyone. Everyone will not be able to love this book. And this book is not heart and flowers kind of romance. Even I am not sure if it is a romance. It is, though...


321 is dark and twisted. Since the first page of this book that darkness captivates you, confuses you. I felt the goosebumps whenever I took that book in my hand.

This book starts with investigation. And there was that sentence made me want to finish this book in one breath:

"I saw her first and that’s all you need to know.”

I dont know what was it about but this sentence took me from heart, confused me, consumed me. And I still dont know why this one sentence had that effect on me.


“One lost girl.

Two best friends.

Three eternal soulmates.”


Ark...I think, he was my favorite character in the book. He was totally mysterious, brooding, dark, intense, thoughtfully silent and in control. Huss creates perfectly dark and dangerous character with Ark.


“One little girl.

Two soulmates.

And three mended hearts.

But I also loved JD and Blue.

JD...He was charming, sweet, handsome, fun, easy-going and talkative. He was the kind of guy who makes you do whatever he wants just with his smile and his sweet talking. Dangerous, right? He was the kind of guy who makes you want to stay even you shouldnt and makes you think staying is the best decision ever.


“She is not one lost girl.

We are not two best friends.

We are one trinity of perfection.”

Blue...Blue was the lost girl who wants to feel safe, surrounded and loved. She was the lost girl in the rain with soaking wet dress and sad blue eyes. She was the bird in the cage.

“I love two men.

My soul has two mates.

I love them equally, and with the same amount of fierce devotion.

And I’ll fight to my death to have them both.”


Ark is the guy behind the camera, JD is the actor under the spotlight and they sell sex. They make porn and are very good at it. One early morning when they are on the way for working they saw Blue. Nope, Ark saw Blue.

And after that...Story begins...3...2...1.

“Three soulmates.

Two broken hearts.

One last chance to set it right.”

321 is one of the books that you will never forget.
Not because it is perfect,
Not because it is the best storyline ever,
But because it makes you feel so much things, so much feelings that you wont be able describe them all.
Because it will hit you with the waves of emotions. Dark, twisted and highly sexual emotions.
Because it will show you the darkness and then will give you the candle.
Because this book will mend you however it wants.

I thank so much to everyone who told me to read this book. Especially Hulya to harrass me to read it ;)
This book is not for everyone but we are not everyone. And I know there is so much people out there to love this book, to appreciate this dark and twisted journey. I can proudly say that I am one of them.

Trinity might be perfection
Not everything should come in threes...

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