Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: Claimed by Stacey Kennedy via Goodreads

Claimed (Club Sin, #1)Claimed by Stacey Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3,5 -Yes, Master- Stars

I felt like I was in the mood for BDSM. Since I have read almost every book of Cherise Sinclair I looked for something new. Stacey Kennedy is a new author for me.

Claimed is the first book of Club Sin Series.


Presley Flynn is the good girl who always does what expected from her. She wants to please everyone around her, she wants their approval. But under all this fa├žade, she has a secret. She has dark fantasy about BDSM. She reads tons of BDSM novels and that turns her on. After a break-up she moves in with her friend Cora. And Cora introduce Presley with a new lifestyle.

When she steps into the Club Sin, an exclusive BDSM club, her life changes the way it should.


Dmitri Pratt is the CEO of a casino in Las Vegas, also an owner of Club Sin. He is a Master, a dominant and a businessman. He separates his personal and business life. When his experiences with vanilla women didnt work well, he gives up trying to date. But when Presley comes into his office...Heat increases...


Claimed was a hot BDSM romance. Though it wasn't so detailed about the lifestyle, it was still a good read. But while I was reading that I fought the urge to scream in frustration. Presley was lucky cause Dmitri was a real gentleman. He gives pleasure and return...Okay, to be honest I was scared for him about having blue balls.

Why? Cause as a spoiler I can say that: It was no intercourse between them till the end. It was a little frustrating.

"Together, we're better, aren't we?"

Presley and Dmitri were so good together. I love the way of Dmitri supports Presley to stand up for herself. I also love the way Presley cares about Dmitri. And it was so good that Dmitri knows how Presley feels or what she needs even she doesnt know it. They were cute, romantic and hot together.

"Doll, I fell in love with you the moment you walked into my office. I claimed you as my submissive the moment you called me Master"

If you looking for a good hot-BDSM romance with good characters and character development, you can pick this book up!

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