Friday, October 16, 2015

Review: Beg by C. D. Reiss via Goodreads

Beg (Songs of Submission, #1)Beg by C.D. Reiss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4,5 Dont mind begging if it gives pleasure Stars


Wow...This book caught me off guard.

I wasnt expecting that it would be this good. I wasnt expecting such a short book would have those well-created characters. Before I have started to read this book I was expecting a short journey with some hot scenes and a "so so" plot.
While reading it I realized that this first book of the Songs of Submission is just a sneak peek. I felt there is so much more than this book. It feels like I am waiting for a 2-hours-lenght movie and this was just a trailer.

Jonathan is a mystery to me. But he was different from the general troubled-player-alpha males population. He was troubled, yeah. But his issue is about broken-heart and this was a refreshing difference.

Monica is a musician and has talent. But she doesnt have a good manager so she had to work as a waitress as well. One night she met Jonathan and she cant help feeling the pull toward him. It was irresistable for both of them.


But despite all those passion, lust and need Monica doesnt wanna be involved with a person who may not have any respect for her career ideas. Because for Monica her career is the most important thing.

Fortunately Jonathan doesnt seem to want any attachments cause he is a heart-broken man and he doesnt think he can love anyone else again.
So...These two have same goal after the lust they feel for each other.
For Monica, it is having fun and not being stressed about her career.
For Jonathan to make Monica beg...

To be honest...I wouldnt mind begging for what he has in mind...Not at all.


This short novella creates strong characters. Not just Monica and Jonathan but also Debbie, Gabby and Darren etc.
Beg is short and quick read but it is also smart, fun and hot. It ends with a call from Jonathan's ex-wife and I am ready to read the second book of this serial.

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