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Review: Falling Hard by Tina Wainscott via Netgalley

Falling Hard (Falling Fast, #2)Falling Hard by Tina Wainscott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4,5 A-dorable Stars!

Another ARC...Falling Hard is a standalone novel of Falling Fast series and will be published in December.


Loving a girl is easy. Sometimes...
Loving your brother's girl is...Complicated.
But loving the girl who accuse your brother as rapist?

Loving a boy is easy. Generally...
Loving a boy while you were dating his brother...Complicated.
Loving your rapist's brother?

"Fate. She might be a tricky bitch sometimes but she knows what she's doing."

Gemma Thornton comes a small town from New York to live with her dad. For her new life all she wants is to feel belonged. She promises herself to make right decisions this time.
To fit in, she goes a race with her new friend Emily. But when she saw Pax, she feels something. She feels the pull she has never felt before. Eventhough she feels like that she reminds herself her promise about right decisions and at that time Pax seems like totally bad decision.


Seven years later Gemma needs to turn back the town. The town that everyone in it thinks of her a liar, the town that changes her life...

When she saw Paxton, she knows she cannot be friend with him. She knows she shouldnt even like him. But Pax make it hard to not like him. She should avoid from him but since Paxton and her father are business partners...Well, that doesnt sound like an option for her.

Paxton Sullivan is the black sheep of the family. He is the one who is rebellious. He does whatever he thinks is right. And after all those years...He doubts himself, his family and mostly his brother...

They say love is blind...But what if love makes you see more? What if love opens your eyes to the fact that your heart knows?

When this happens, Pax is ready to fight what he wants. Even if it means trouble...

"How do I keep you here?"
"How do I stay?"


This book has a lot of character developments a good story line and strong characters. Also this book touches a few important things about life.

There is two things I love the most about this book...

One of them is Down Syndrome. There was a character in the book I love so much who has Down Syndrome. This book let people know that Down Syndrome doesnt mean the person must be limited. People who has Down can live their life however they want, just like everyone else. Down doesnt take person's freedom, people do that.

Another thing about this book is...Rape. Falling Hard shows how a victim can doubt herself and how others can judge them. How people can be so cruel.
Rape is rape(I am not talking about consensual kink). No matter what the victim wears, no matter how drunk she is...No means NO.

People will make excuses, they will judge the victim. But that means nothing. Everyone has freedom to wear what they want. That doesnt mean she is looking for sex. If she says NO...Well, this is NO. Back off!

I wasnt expecting to like Falling Hard that much but I did. It wasnt just a romance novel, it wasnt just about second chances. It was so much more than that.

The chemistry between Gemma and Pax is so good. They are so sweet and fun together. But also they are so hot. The deep understanding between them is like a bonfire. Pax is one of those heroes who is sweet, charming, understanding, hot and dirty at the same time. But aside from all of that he is wise. In a gorgeous way ;)

"You're going to make mistakes, sweetheart. You're going to hurt again. If you're alive, it's guaranteed."

I love second chance romances and when it mixes with a good storyline and some good messages...Well, I love this book.

*ARC provided via Netgalley*

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