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Review: Suit by Jettie Woodruff via Goodreads

Suit (The Twin Duo, #1)Suit by Jettie Woodruff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ -I own you- Stars!

First of all let me tell you this: This is my very first read by Jettie Woodruff and as you can see I loved every second of it.

I wanted to start this book two weeks ago but unfortunately could start only two days ago. I was so curious about this book, I dont know why. Because I dived into this book totally blind. But I was curious, beyond curious.


What is the Suit about?

Well...Here you go

Gabriella Pierce lives with a domineering husband and two little cute girls.
Her life is all planned by her husband, Paxton Pierce.

But one day...Everything changes.
One day...Plans "accidently" changed.
For better? For worse?
Is it a disaster or a miracle?

I think a little bit of both.


This book has everything I liked in a book. It was dark, erotic, twisted, mysterious, romantic, disturbing and well-written with good characters.

When Gabriella was sleeping it was like an another book. I was so sorry about what she'd been through. It was like another book inside the book. I love reading those parts. And when she was awake, her relationship with her daughters was so cute. With Paxton...They always made me feel like a hurricane was coming. Do you know that tense air you can feel it like somebody is watching you? That paranoid, tense air? Yeah...They always reminded me that.

I also love how Gabriella was trying...and I dont know if this makes me weird but I also love Paxton, I think he was cute like a grumpy bear. If only a grumpy bear could be that sexy. Jettie Woodruff created perfectly imperfect characters. This is my opinion ofcourse.

"I was blessed with nice everything.
A nice home.
A nice car.
Beautiful children.
A pool right outside my room.
The ocean, just a couple-hundred-feet from there.
And one fucked up marriage.
I was a kept woman.
I was a glorified whore."

And I love the story line even it was predictable.
To be honest, I sensed from the beginning what was the mysterious part of Suit. I knew what was coming. But no matter what I kept reading like my life was depended on it. Seriously, I even couldnt sleep properly, this book was always in my mind.

I wasnt expecting I would like this book that much. Cause you know, when you sense the mystery in the book what is the point, right? But Jettie Woodruff sucked me in with this story.

There was still a lot of question in my mind. And as a person who feels every damn feelings in the books like they are her own, I overwhelmed with the ending. I just cannot stop thinking about second book of the Twin Duo.
I am so glad Ms. Woodruff didnt disappoint me with her fist book I have read.

If you didnt read this book, yet...well, what are you waiting for? READ IT!!

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